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Rev Jesse Jackson Discloses Parkinson's Disease Diagnosis

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"Recognition of the effects of this disease on me has been painful, and I have been slow to grasp the gravity of it," he wrote. "For me, a Parkinson's diagnosis is not a stop sign but rather a signal that I must make lifestyle changes and dedicate myself to physical therapy in hopes of slowing the disease's progression."

Knowledge base construction solution wins at ISWC 2017


Automated knowledge base construction is a long-standing challenge in AI. The goal is to abstract concise representations from various sources of knowledge, such as unstructured documents, web data and knowledge bases. The outcome is a knowledge graph that can be used to enhance downstream applications like search engines and business analytics. Highly accurate and extensive knowledge graphs are the prerequisite to enable machine reasoning and decision making in AI. For example, knowledge base construction was an essential component of the DeepQA system that defeated the human grand-champions at Jeopardy! and has since been a very active research direction as it enables the adaptation of AI solutions to new domains.

THAT a computer program can repeatedly beat the world champion at Go, a complex board game, is a coup for the fast-moving field of artificial intelligence (AI). Another high-stakes game, however, is taking place behind the scenes, as firms compete to hire the smartest AI experts. Technology giants, including Google ...


THAT a computer program can repeatedly beat the world champion at Go, a complex board game, is a coup for the fast-moving field of artificial intelligence (AI). Another high-stakes game, however, is taking place behind the scenes, as firms compete to hire the smartest AI experts. Technology giants, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu, are racing to expand their AI activities. Last year they spent some $8.5 billion on deals, says Quid, a data firm. That was four times more than in 2010.

Google urges FEC to adopt more specific rules for political ads


Google, Facebook and Twitter have all found evidence of Russian influence for last year's US presidential election. Google, however, is seeking to separate itself a bit from it's social-media peers in a new document filed with the US Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Thursday, according to a report by Recode. The Google filing apparently urges US election regulators to create more specific rules for foreign-funded online political ads, including guidelines for ads about issues as well as those about candidates. In addition, the company says that it is different than Facebook or Twitter in that it allows political ads on Adsense websites, in search and on YouTube, so needs different rules for publishing. According to Recode, Google things that the "majority of advertisers...self-impose some sort of disclaimer" when placing ads, though the company is also considering requiring all election-related ads to use a specific icon to explain to viewers why they're seeing the ad.

UX needs to operate under a new set of rules within the Internet of Things


User experience, an important part of software design, is suddenly getting very complicated. Because the Internet of Things requires a different set of rules when it comes to delivering a superior UX. Until now, developers and designers worried about what was happening on the screen with their apps -- mainly the user interface, and the speed of responsiveness of the UI to users. Now, what happens when you have to worry about thousands of screenless devices? Claire Rowland ponders this question - and provides answers -- in her latest ebook, User Experience Design for the Internet of Things: Why It's More than UI and Industrial Design.

The Latest: Lawsuit Targets Rollback of Birth-Control Rule

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Under new rules issued Oct. 7 by the Department of Health and Human Services, employers and universities are allowed to cite religious or moral objections in order to end birth control coverage that was available under President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

AI is transforming medical diagnosis, prosthetics, and vision aids


While the repercussions of a fully AI-driven world remain a mystery, it is gradually becoming evident that AI could soon be providing us with more accurate solutions for health issues that earlier went undetected. Though the digital transition in health care remains slow and cautious, in the past five years more than 90 percent of hospitals have transferred from paper-based systems to electronic systems. Here are three ways AI could transform health care. A history of medical records remains crucial for timely treatments. Life-threatening risks can be diagnosed at early stages using predictive analysis.

Airlines get ready for new U.S. security rules set to start Thursday

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WASHINGTON/TAIPEI – New security measures including stricter passenger screening take effect on Thursday on all U.S.-bound flights to comply with government requirements designed to avoid an in-cabin ban on laptops, airlines said. Airlines contacted by Reuters said the new measures could include short security interviews with passengers at check-in or the boarding gate, sparking concerns over flight delays and extended processing time. They will affect 325,000 airline passengers on about 2,000 commercial flights arriving daily in the United States, on 180 airlines from 280 airports in 105 countries. The United States announced the new rules in June to end its restrictions on carry-on electronic devices on planes coming from 10 airports in eight countries in the Middle East and North Africa in response to unspecified security threats. Those restrictions were lifted in July, but the Trump administration said it could reimpose measures on a case by case basis if airlines and airports did not boost security.

Google training AI to understand human actions with movie clips


Google is training AI to identify human behavior, using clips from movies. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Google is training AI to identify human behavior, using clips from movies.

Life without the Association Rules brings change, good and bad

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So much has changed in high school sports since the Southern Section voted to eliminate Rule 313 in 2008, otherwise known as the Association Rule. The rule restricted coaches from working with their athletes out of season. You couldn't coach your school's players in off-season games let alone hold workouts after school. The one-hour gym class was it. This is the 10th season of unregulated freedom.