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Can Drones And Artificial Intelligence Keep Us Safe From Sharks?


You might be rolling your eyes as you see the drone take off to the skies and hover over the Australian coastline, camera angled straight down towards the glistening turquoise water. "Another TikTok influencer trying to get the perfect shot," you grumble to yourself. But if you look closely at the pilot, you'll notice they've got a sign next to them that says "Keep Clear" in bright yellow and red letters. Drones have been a helpful tool in spotted sharks from the skies. It's an Australian surf lifesaver, using the above drone to spot sharks at the beach before they get too close to swimmers like yourself.

Thales Australia extends partnership with University of Sydney – APDR


A principal focus has been digital technologies including big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

After years of fanfare the future of drone delivery in Australia remains up in the air

The Guardian

In 2013, Jeff Bezos announced Amazon was developing a drone delivery service. He estimated at the time that air-dropped packages were "four, five years" away. Nearly a decade later, the service is promised to begin by the end of this year – albeit in only two locations in the US. According to David Carbon, an Australian expat and vice-president of the firm's drone delivery division, Amazon wants to deliver 500m packages annually by drone from 2030. Carbon told AAP earlier this month that the firm was planning a wider rollout for air deliveries in the US and potentially Australia.

AI Research Helps Businesses Make Better Decisions - Australian Cyber Security Magazine


The University of Adelaide and MTX Group have entered into a research collaboration to develop new insights in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Bringing together their academic research and commercial expertise and experience, the two organisations will undertake specific, outcomes-focussed research. They will use AI to model uncertainty with a view to avoiding failure within systems that may be used in defence and business environments. The University and MTX Group have jointly been awarded $100,000 under the Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making Initiative which is a collaborative project between the Australian Government's Office of National Intelligence (ONI) and the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST). Dr Duong Nguyen and Dr George Stamatescu from the University's School of Computer Science will work alongside Dr Ammar Mohemmed from MTX Group.

When Algorithms Rule, Values Can Wither


Interest in the possibilities afforded by algorithms and big data continues to blossom as early adopters gain benefits from AI systems that automate decisions as varied as making customer recommendations, screening job applicants, detecting fraud, and optimizing logistical routes.1 But when AI applications fail, they can do so quite spectacularly.2 Consider the recent example of Australia's "robodebt" scandal.3 In 2015, the Australian government established its Income Compliance Program, with the goal of clawing back unemployment and disability benefits that had been made inappropriately to recipients. It set out to identify overpayments by analyzing discrepancies between the annual income that individuals reported and the income assessed by the Australian Tax Office.

Annual GWP at Australia's agencies passes $7 billion� - Insurtech - Insurance News -


The Underwriting Agencies Council (UAC) says annual gross written premium at Australian agencies is now around $7.5 billion, and technology-enabled firms are leading the way as the sector expands dramatically. Sydney-based GM William Legge says UAC now has more than 120 agency members, even as mergers and acquisitions created fewer, larger agencies and a build-up of "cluster groups" owning multiple specialist agency brands. As major carriers relinquish capacity in some lines, the agency market is filling gaps in coverage, Mr Legge says, and brokers have found agencies to be a trusted, reliable market that can provide responsive service, quick turn-around times, and bespoke, tailored products for hard-to-place risks. Insurance consulting firm Xceedance offers its MGA Agility Suite tailored platform to agencies, encompassing policy administration, underwriting, distribution, a broker portal and reporting functionality. Xceedance works with agencies and insurers to facilitate and support end-to-end insurance processes across claims, finance and accounting, insurance operations, catastrophe modelling, underwriting, actuarial and analytical services, policy services and data management.

Argentina vs Australia predictions: World Cup 2022

Al Jazeera

The second match of the World Cup's knockout phase will pit two-time champions Argentina against underdogs Australia. Kashef, our artificial intelligence (AI) robot, has analysed more than 200 metrics, including the number of wins, goals scored and FIFA rankings, from matches played over the past century to see who is most likely to win. Prediction: At 76 percent, Kashef strongly favours Argentina to take the win today and move on to the quarter-finals where they are expected to take on three-time runners-up the Netherlands. For the Socceroos, a win is not totally off the cards. Australia beat Argentina back in 1988.

Can Australia's universities address our lagging performance in the AI race?


One of the strategies to reach this outcome is to position Australia as a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) technology, …

The best live Black Friday robot vacuum deals in Australia


Black Friday was originally a U.S. tradition, but has become bigger and bigger in Australia over the past few years. Since the 1950s, shops in the U.S. have offered big discounts on their stock the day after Thanksgiving, and people would often get ahead of all their holiday shopping on this weekend. That tradition has gone global in the past decade, and now Black Friday is a global shopping event. Cyber Monday is a recent addition to the holiday weekend, as online retailers sought to offer their own take on the Black Friday goodness. But as the lines blur between commerce and e-commerce these days, Black Friday/Cyber Monday has become one connected week of deals. Black Friday 2022 technically takes place on Friday, Nov. 25, and Cyber Monday takes place on Monday, Nov. 28.

'Full-on robot writing': the artificial intelligence challenge facing universities

The Guardian

"Waiting in front of the lecture hall for my next class to start, and beside me two students are discussing which AI program works best for writing their essays. Is this what I'm marking? The tweet by historian Carla Ionescu late last month captures growing unease about what artificial intelligence portends for traditional university assessment. "Tell me we're not there yet." But AI has been banging on the university's gate for some time now. In 2012, computer theorist Ben Goertzel proposed what he called the "robot university student test", arguing that an AI capable of obtaining a degree in a same ways as a human should be considered conscious. Goertzel's idea – an alternative to the more famous "Turing test" – might have remained a thought experiment were it not for the successes of AIs employing natural language processing (NLP): most famously, GPT-3, the language model created by the OpenAi research laboratory. Two years ago, computer scientist Nassim Dehouche published a piece demonstrating that GPT-3 could produce credible academic writing undetectable by the usual anti-plagiarism software. "[I] found the output," Dehouche told Guardian Australia, "to be indistinguishable from an excellent undergraduate essay, both in terms of soundness and originality.