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AI Service Transformed Thousands Of Women's Photos Into Fake Nudes Without Consent


A computer tool led to the creation of thousands of fake nude photos of women -- some of them underage -- without their consent that were then uploaded to the messaging app Telegram, The Washington Post reported. Sensity, a visual threat intelligence company headquartered in Amsterdam, discovered the Telegram network. There are 101,080 members in the network, and 70% of the group resides in Russia or Europe. About 104,852 images derived from pictures of more than 680,000 women were posted publicly to the app, with 70% of the photos coming from social media or private sources. A small number of victims appeared to be underage.

Eight Lincoln Laboratory technologies named 2020 R&D 100 Award winners


Eight technologies developed by MIT Lincoln Laboratory researchers, either wholly or in collaboration with researchers from other organizations, were among the winners of the 2020 R&D 100 Awards. Annually since 1963, these international R&D awards recognize 100 technologies that a panel of expert judges selects as the most revolutionary of the past year. Six of the laboratory's winning technologies are software systems, a number of which take advantage of artificial intelligence techniques. The software technologies are solutions to difficulties inherent in analyzing large volumes of data and to problems in maintaining cybersecurity. Another technology is a process designed to assure secure fabrication of integrated circuits, and the eighth winner is an optical communications technology that may enable future space missions to transmit error-free data to Earth at significantly higher rates than currently possible.

Crazy GPT-3 Use Cases


GPT-3 has taken the world by storm. There are thousands of tweets about it with numerous mind-blowing use cases which you can see for yourself if you search Twitter for #gpt3 hashtag. In this text, I have taken a bunch of them to show general trends. In brief, GPT-3 allows humans to communicate with machines in Simple English. GPT-3 definitely will influence how we communicate with our devices and lower the level of technical sophistication one needs to build new applications.

How I Stay Updated on the Latest AI Research


Each week, it packs recent break-throughs and noteworthy news alongside a short intro by Andrew Ng himself. The best thing about The Batch is that it is quick, self-contained, and always includes some perspective on the news, such as "why it matters." This is the best place to start, as it is not overwhelming, is self-contained, and is not focused on any particular sub-topic. Yeah, this place is incredible. Make sure you check AI and Data Science as topics of interest and start following people and publications that have similar interests as you.

Microsoft Is Enabling Its AI-Based Technology To Be Disability-Inclusive


The lack of machine learning datasets that include people with disabilities has proved to be a major roadblock for developing technological solutions customised to their needs. This is often referred to as'data desert'. It is a common practice for organisations building technology products and services to use data at an aggregate level, which leads to stereotyping and being exclusionary in the process. Earlier this week, Microsoft, in a lengthy blog, revealed its roadmap to deal with this data desert which has become a major hindrance in making artificial intelligence accessible to people with disability. The tech giant Microsoft has revealed its various collaborations to'shrink this data desert' as discussed below.

How AI is powering a more helpful Google - The WebShore


When I first came across the web as a computer scientist in the mid-90s, I was struck by the sheer volume of information online, in contrast with how hard it was to find what you were looking for. It was then that I first started thinking about search, and I've been fascinated by the problem ever since. We've made tremendous progress over the past 22 years, making Google Search work better for you every day. With recent advancements in AI, we're making bigger leaps forward in improvements to Google than we've seen over the last decade, so it's even easier for you to find just what you're looking for. Today during our Search On livestream, we shared how we're bringing the most advanced AI into our products to further our mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Deepfake- The Dark Face of AI


Deepfake refers to an AI-based technology which is used to produce or alter the contents of a video, thus showing something that didn't occur in reality. A deepfake video is usually created by using two competing Artificial Intelligence systems. The first system is known as the generator, and the other is called a discriminator. The generator system is used for creating a fake video clip, which in turn asks the discriminator to determine whether the video clip is real or fake. Every time, when the discriminator has accurately identified a fake video clip, the generator receives a clue regarding what not to be done when the next video clip is being created.

Beginners Guide to Cloud Computing


Imagine you would like to train a deep learning model where you have thousands of images, but your system does not have any GPU. It would be hard to train large training models without GPU, so you will generally use google collab to train your model using google's GPU's. Consider your system memory is full, and you have important documents and videos to be stored and should be secured. Google drive can be one solution to store all your files, including documents, images, and videos up to 15GB, and offers security and back-up. Above mentioned scenarios are some of the applications of Cloud Computing, one of the advantages of using cloud computing is that you only pay for what we use.

Famous Probability Distributions in Data Science


Data Scientists are modern-day statisticians that take a shot on complex business problems and unravel them with the assistance of data. Probability Distributions allow a Data Scientist or Data Analyst to recognize patterns in any case totally random variables. A normal distribution is generally described as the bell-shaped curve and it depicts the recurrence of something that you are evaluating, such as the class scores. The focal point of the bend is the mean and the curve width called the standard deviation. The score happens most every now and again is the mean.

Hitting the Books: The latest 'Little Brother' is a stark cybersecurity thriller


Back in 2008, New York Times best-selling author and Boing Boing alum, Cory Doctorow introduced Markus "w1n5t0n" Yallow to the world in the original Little Brother (which you can still read for free right here). The story follows the talented teenage computer prodigy's exploits after he and his friends find themselves caught in the aftermath of a terrorist bombing of the Bay Bridge. They must outwit and out-hack the DHS, which has turned San Francisco into a police state. Its sequel, Homeland, catches up with Yallow a few years down the line as he faces an impossible choice between behaving as the heroic hacker his friends see him as and toeing the company line. The third installment, Attack Surface, is a standalone story set in the Little Brother universe. It follows Yallow's archrival, Masha Maximow, an equally talented hacker who finds herself working as a counterterrorism expert for a multinational security firm. By day, she enables tin-pot dictators around the world to repress and surveil their citizens.