Experts Say Human Driver Could Have Avoided Fatal Uber Accident

International Business Times

A fatal crash that occurred when an autonomous SUV operated by Uber struck and killed a pedestrian could have better been avoided if a human was in control of the vehicle, some experts believe. Footage of the incident, which occurred on Sunday in Tempe, Arizona, and resulted in the death of 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg, was released by the local police Wednesday. Experts have suggested that Uber's self-driving technology should have been able to avoid the crash and failed to do so. Experts believe a human driver could have avoided a fatal accident involving Uber's self-driving SUV. The video includes footage from a dashboard camera showing a view outside the car, as well as a view of the operator employed by Uber sitting behind the wheel of the vehicle and take over if the autonomous system does not work as intended.

First-ever video footage of anglerfish mating

Daily Mail

In the darkness of the deep sea, there are all sorts of strange activities that have never before been seen by human eyes. With a lifeless gaze, a dangling bioluminescent protrusion that juts from their face, and a gaping mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, anglerfish may be among the best representations of the peculiarities thousands of feet beneath the surface. And, their mating habits are fittingly bizarre. Anglerfish engage in what's known as sexual parasitism; the male latches onto the female and slowly fuses with her body until the two have formed a permanent pair, with the male supplying sperm to his mate while simultaneously receiving nutrients. Now, in what's said to be a'rare and important' discovery, scientists have captured footage of live anglerfish mating for the first time, according to an exclusive report in Science Magazine.

Exploring DeepFakes – Hacker Noon


In December 2017, a user named "DeepFakes" posted realistic looking explicit videos of famous celebrities on Reddit. He generated these fake videos using deep learning, the latest in AI, to insert celebrities' faces into adult movies. In the following weeks, the internet exploded with articles about the dangers of face swapping technology: harassing innocents, propagating fake news, and hurting the credibility of video evidence forever. In this post, I explore the capabilities of this tech, describe how it works, and discuss potential applications. DeepFakes offers the ability to swap one face for another in an image or a video.

Uber crash shows 'catastrophic failure' of self-driving technology, experts say

The Guardian

Video of the first self-driving car crash that killed a pedestrian suggests a "catastrophic failure" by Uber's technology, according to experts in the field, who said the footage showed the autonomous system erring on one of its most basic functions. Days after a self-driving Uber SUV struck a 49-year-old pedestrian while she was crossing the street with her bicycle in Tempe, Arizona, footage released by police revealed that the vehicle was moving in autonomous mode and did not appear to slow down or detect the woman even though she was visible in front of the car prior to the collision. Multiple experts have raised questions about Uber's Lidar technology, which is the system of lasers that the autonomous cars uses to "see" the world around them. "This is exactly the type of situation that Lidar and radar are supposed to pick up," said David King, an Arizona State University professor and transportation planning expert. "This is a catastrophic failure that happened with Uber's technology."

Are enterprises really ready for AI?


AI has become one of the great, meaningless buzzwords of our time. In this video, the Chief Data Scientist of Dun and Bradstreet explains AI in clear business terms. Despite the hype, most organizations are not doing much with AI. For AI to work properly, businesses have to understand both the outcomes and the inputs. Unfortunately, businesses currently focus on the outcomes, and they've not invested in the right data sets to use AI engines or predictive models in the right way.

How YouTube Uses Mechanical Turk Tasks to Help Train Its AI


It's no secret that YouTube has struggled to moderate the videos on its platform over the past year. The company has faced repeated scandals over its inability to rid itself of inappropriate and disturbing content, including some videos aimed at children. Often missing from the discussion over YouTube's shortcomings, though, are the employees directly tasked with removing things like porn and graphic violence, as well as the contractors that help train AI to learn to detect unwelcome uploads. But a Mechanical Turk task shared with WIRED appears to provide a glimpse into what training one of YouTube's machine learning tools looks like at the ground level. MTurk is an Amazon-owned marketplace where corporations and academic researchers pay individual contractors to perform micro-sized services--called Human Intelligence Tasks--in exchange for a small sum, usually less than a dollar.

Uber self-driving crash: Footage shows moment before impact

BBC News

Police have released two videos showing the moments leading up to a fatal crash involving a self-driving Uber car in Tempe, Arizona, on Sunday. In the 14-second video, the autonomous vehicle is seen failing to slow down before hitting Elaine Herzberg, 49, who is walking her bike across the road. One video shows dashcam footage of the impact. Uber has suspended self-driving tests in North America following the crash. In footage released on Wednesday by the Tempe police department, the human Uber operator sitting inside the Volvo appears to be looking down at something while the vehicle is travelling in autonomous mode.

Uber self-driving taxi crash: Shocking video shows moments before autonomous car killed pedestrian

The Independent

Video has emerged of the self-driving vehicle crash that is thought to have been the first time an autonomous vehicle has killed a pedestrian. The footage shows a pedestrian walking across the road from a darkened area onto a street. It captures the moment the car and the human driver who sits in it for safety sees her – before the car collides with her. It shows that the lights on the self-driving SUV didn't shine on 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg on Sunday night until a second or two before impact. But it has raised questions over why the car – which shouldn't need its headlights to see hazards – didn't spot the pedestrian and stop.

Video shows moment an Uber driverless car kills a woman in Arizona

Daily Mail

Authorities in Arizona have released dramatic dash cam footage showing the moments leading up to a self-driving Uber car's fatal collision with a pedestrian. The video released by Tempe police on Wednesday shows the car driving 38ph in a 45-mph zone along a relatively empty roadway last Sunday night. As the car continues on its journey, a woman walking while rolling her bicycle is seen crossing the street. The clip stops just a split second before impact. According to police, neither the car or the driver made much of an attempt to stop, according to the Phoenix New Times.

Watch: China Tests Unmanned Battle Tanks, Could Soon Equip Them with AI

International Business Times

In a bid to modernize battlefield resources, the Chinese Army has started trialing unmanned tanks, according to a new report from state-run publication Global Times. The upgraded military vehicles are currently being tested with a distant manned console, much like remotely operated drones. However, the People's Liberation Army Ground Force, aka PLAGF, also plans to integrate them with artificial intelligence, in order to make them nearly self-operable. A short video from CCTV, a prominent state television broadcaster in the People's Republic of China, recently appeared on the internet showcasing one of the unmanned vehicles being tested. The clip features a modified version of a dated Type 59 tank moving forward and backward like a remote-controlled car and a distant Chinese Army official manning its control-box a few meters away.