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Can the ArcLight Cinema in Hollywood Be Saved?


The Monitor is a weekly column devoted to everything happening in the WIRED world of culture, from movies to memes, TV to Twitter. An arc light, or arc lamp, is a source of illumination created when electricity flows between two carbon electrodes. Use of arc lamps dwindled in the 20th century, edged out by incandescents, but for a long time they were a common light source for movie projectors. Mostly this little detail is just a fun fact--something interesting to bring up at parties. But this week, it's a reminder that the history of cinema is long, even when our memories are short--and that the news of ArcLight Cinema shutting down can bring back a flood of recollections, even for people who may not know the theater chain's namesake.

Twitter is taking a closer look at its own algorithms in a bid to reduce bias


In an effort to address mounting concerns about algorithmic harms, Twitter has announced a new initiative that will subject some of the company's machine-learning systems to more scrutiny and pave the way for changes to any problematic AI models. Dubbed'Responsible ML', the initiative is designed not only to increase the transparency of the AI systems used by Twitter, but also to improve the fairness of the algorithms, and to provide users with "algorithmic choice" when it comes to the technologies that might affect them. Twitter has pledged to take responsibility for the platform's algorithmic decisions, and has appointed a Responsible ML working group to lead the initiative. This group, whose members are drawn from across the company, will be managed by Twitter's existing ML Ethics, Transparency and Accountability (META) team. With almost 200 million people using Twitter daily, the platform relies on machine-learning models for a many tasks, ranging from organizing content by relevance to identifying posts that violate terms of service.

What does your AI want?


Editor's note: This episode is part of our podcast series on emerging problems in data science and machine learning, hosted by Jeremie Harris. Apart from hosting the podcast, Jeremie helps run a data science mentorship startup called SharpestMinds. AI safety researchers are increasingly focused on understanding what AI systems want. That may sound like an odd thing to care about: after all, aren't we just programming AIs to want certain things by providing them with a loss function, or a number to optimize? It turns out that AI systems can have incentives that aren't necessarily obvious based on their initial programming.

'Oxenfree II: Lost Signals' headlines a new crop of Switch indie games


The "one more thing" Nintendo had to show off at the end of its latest Indie World Showcase was a sequel to the supernatural hit Oxenfree. Set five years after the original game, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals sees a character named Riley returning to her hometown to investigate strange radio signals that are causing mysterious disturbances. It seems that, as in Oxenfree, you'll need to find the right frequencies on a handheld radio to solve puzzles. Night School Studio's sequel is coming to Switch and Steam later this year. OXENFREE II: Lost Signals from @nightschoolers and @mwminteractive is coming to #NintendoSwitch in 2021! Set 5 years after OXENFREE, guide Riley through a supernatural coming of age story, as you communicate with other-worldly entities.

The new business operating model in the next normal


A decentralized company that is globally and intelligently connected, one whose employees can work from anywhere, whose customers and partners can succeed from anywhere, and whose definition of success includes all its stakeholders, is a boundless company. A boundless company means boundless access to talent, boundless inclusivity and equality, a boundless platform for innovation, boundless ecosystem of ecosystems, boundless opportunities to co-create value at the speed of need, and boundless business model innovation opportunities. A boundless company will require purposeful relationship transformation in decentralized and digital-first next normal. It also requires alignment, execution rigor and most importantly a new operating model. Becoming boundless is the logical evolution of the Connected Company in this digital-first, decentralized everything world. They are designed to achieve Holistic Success, generating value for their customers, business partners and communities as well as for themselves and their employees.

Data from 500 million Facebook accounts posted online, reports say

The Japan Times

Washington – Data affecting more than 500 million Facebook users that was originally leaked in 2019, including email addresses and phone numbers, has been posted on an online hackers forum, according to media reports and a cybercrime expert. "All 533,000,000 Facebook records were just leaked for free," Alon Gal, chief technology officer at the Hudson Rock cybercrime intelligence firm, said Saturday on Twitter. He denounced what he called the "absolute negligence" of Facebook. Some of the data appeared to be current, according to a report in Business Insider which AFP was unable to confirm independently. It said some of the leaked phone numbers still belong to the owners of Facebook accounts.

5 Ways to Use AI to Boost Social Media Results - ai-cademy


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future of social media, and you're going to want it! All social media platforms run on AI because of the huge amount of data. Without AI you would not see feeds relevant to you, or get notified of various events and more. But, despite all social media platforms running on AI, many people do not realise that they can harness AI to do their own social media as well. Without AI, social media is a full time job.

TF Jam -- Shooting Hoops with Machine Learning


Posted by Abe Haskins (Twitter, Github) In this article, we'll dive into using Unity3D and TensorFlow to teach an AI to perform a simple in-game task: shooting balls into a hoop. The complete source code is available on Github, if you have any questions reach out to me on Twitter. An Introduction to our GameThere is a game where players have one main goal: get a ball into a basket.

WATCH: New artificial intelligence program brings old photos to life - NBC2 News


CNN – Like a scene from Harry Potter -- new technology can now animate old pictures to move and show emotion. The genealogy platform MyHeritage created an artificial intelligence program called Deep Nostalgia. Users can see people like Frederick Douglass come alive with the click of a button. He blinks and nods as if he were just alive yesterday and hadn't died in 1895, years before film recording became commonplace. Users can to supply old photos of their loved ones, and the program uses deep learning to apply predetermined movements to their facial features.

15 video game streamers your teens should be watching

The Guardian

If you're in a household with teenage video game players, you will know the sound of Twitch streamers and YouTubers. Right now, my sons seem to live on a steady media diet of wildly enthusiastic young men, playing the same games, in the same ways, using the same slang. Over lockdown I have heard the words "What's up?" and "like and subscribe" enough times to last me until the heat death of the universe. Last weekend, my wife emerged from my youngest son's bedroom and said to me, between clenched teeth: "Is there no one different for them to watch?" And true, from the outside, game streaming can seem like a monoculture, dominated by energy drink-sponsored dudebros.