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Tiny Microrobots Can Travel Through Human Body by Tumbling


Engineers at Purdue University have developed a tiny rectangular robot that is capable of operating within the human body. The new technology, which was demonstrated in live animal models, brings us closer to harnessing the power of robots for many breakthrough applications, especially in healthcare.  The new study was published in Nature Machine Intelligence.  The […]

Joe Biden's 'Animal Crossing' island was definitely made by a pro gamer

Washington Post - Technology News

The most striking aspect to any longtime "Animal Crossing" player was the train set room in the basement, which featured different colored versions of several different train models. This meant the designer likely utilized the "time travel" exploit to force the game to sell them multiple versions of the same train. This kind of work could last hours, if not days. "Sorry, I can't vote for an Animal Crossing time traveler," said one chat message in KindaFunny's Twitch stream. "Legalize time traveling," said another user, snarkypuppers.

Needed: Thousands of workers immediately


Major retailers and e-commerce sites are kicking off holiday sales as early as October this year, and shipping/logistic companies are now scrambling to hire for the coming surge in demands. Training the tens of thousands of new hires to handle the largest and longest holiday shopping season ever, all in a month's time. Here's what you need to know, plus tips and tricks on how to master Amazon's annual sale. Enterprise VR is increasingly becoming the go-to solution for rapid training. Proponents say it has the capability to turn hours-long training sessions into 20-minute lessons while maintaining high knowledge retention rates.

'Video game planes emit real carbon': why gaming is not merely guilt-free escapism

The Guardian

There's a woman in my social media feed who has spent the past week flying around the world in an Airbus A320. The degree of enviousness with which I look at her photos of skylines and mountains is well past being impolite. She's playing Microsoft Flight Simulator, the latest video game to capture the public's imagination as a kind of Covid-19 era balm. This is a game that uses Bing maps satellite data to create a one-to-one scale replica of the entire planet, ready for players to explore now that the pleasures of physical travel have been temporarily relinquished by most of us. Like Animal Crossing before it, which allowed a newly locked-down world to escape to an idyllic, pleasantly sociable tropical island, Flight Simulator is the perfect game for the moment.

Harnessing big data and artificial intelligence to predict future pandemic spread


During COVID-19, artificial intelligence (AI) has been used to enhance diagnostic efforts, deliver medical supplies and even assess risk factors from blood tests. Now, artificial intelligence is being used to forecast future COVID-19 cases. Texas A&M University researchers, led by Dr. Ali Mostafavi, have developed a powerful deep-learning computational model that uses artificial intelligence and existing big data related to population activities and mobility to help predict the future spread of COVID-19 cases at a county level. The researchers published their results in IEEE Access. The spread of pandemics is influenced by complex relationships related to features including mobility, population activities and sociodemographic characteristics. However, typical mathematical epidemiological models only account for a small subset of relevant features.

The Cool Physics of a Supersonic Baseball


In the YouTube clip, they use the slo-mo video to get a ball speed of 1,538.46 This is significantly faster than the speed of sound in air--approximately 343 m/s (but this value changes a little bit depending on the air temperature). But you know what this means, right? The basic idea in video analysis is to look at the location of an object in each frame of the video. With an appropriate scale (like the distance between two sticks) you can get the position (x and y) of the object in each frame.

Paper folding tasks can reduce nausea by more than half, study finds

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Carrying out regular'pen-and-paper' exercises can reduce nausea during travel by more than 50 per cent, UK scientists claim. Cognitive training tasks, including identifying how patterns would appear on transparent paper when folded, help'train the brain' to reduce feelings of nausea in-transit, they say. Motion sickness, which creates a sensation of wooziness, can occur during car travel, at sea or even while using a virtual reality headset. But it's also an issue for passengers in self-driving cars, who are free to read, watch films and play video games thanks to the autonomous technology. Engaging in tasks before a journey was found to be effective at reducing motion sickness for passengers in both a driving simulator and on-the-road experiments, the experts found.

Autonomous food-delivery robots roll out on ASU's Tempe campus


A fleet of 40 autonomous robots has been deployed on Arizona State University's Tempe campus, making it the latest institution to implement robot food-delivery from Starship Technologies, according to a university release. ASU's food-service provider, Aramark, has partnered with the delivery robot's creator, Starship, to provide the nearly four dozen robots that will serve ASU's on-campus community. According to the release, the robots will retrieve food and drinks from "on-campus retailers to be delivered anywhere on campus, within minutes." Starship is already providing the food-delivery services to over 10 campuses across the country. The robots rolled out to Northern Arizona University's campus in 2019.

The Excellent Evolution of 'Bill and Ted Face the Music'


Time travel becomes a family affair in Bill and Ted Face the Music, the long-awaited third film in the popular Bill and Ted comedy franchise. Fans won't be disappointed: the film is most excellent, capturing that same breezy, chaotic, let's-just-have-fun-with-this madcap magic of its predecessors. This story originally appeared on Ars Technica, a trusted source for technology news, tech policy analysis, reviews, and more. Ars is owned by WIRED's parent company, Condé Nast. "We were trying to pay some homage to the original two [films] while making it feel like it was contemporary," Parisot told Ars about how he approached bringing the Bill and Ted franchise into the 21st century.

Ants can orienteer a thief in their robbery Artificial Intelligence

The Thief Orienteering Problem (ThOP) is a multi-component problem that combines features of two classic combinatorial optimization problems: Orienteering Problem and Knapsack Problem. The ThOP is challenging due to the given time constraint and the interaction between its components. We propose an Ant Colony Optimization algorithm together with a new packing heuristic to deal individually and interactively with problem components. Our approach outperforms existing work on more than 90% of the benchmarking instances, with an average improvement of over 300%.