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Artificial Intelligence or AI helps companies automate their business processes and operations to drive growth and efficiency. The technology empowers computers to replicate human intelligence in a reliable manner. Many companies in the artificial intelligence space continue to work in the areas of technical automation, capturing expert knowledge and explore their expertise in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Virtualization, Decision Management and Robotic Process Automation. We, at V2Soft, believe in delivering the utmost performance to our clients by developing applications which specifically cater to their requirements and maximize their ROI by automating their business operations. Our expertise extends to the entire range of AI technologies including Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Speech Recognition, and more.

4 Ways IBM Watson's Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Healthcare


Some say that artificial intelligence (AI) will radically change healthcare in the future. But that prediction overlooks an important detail: AI is already significantly changing healthcare. IBM (NYSE:IBM) Watson Health general manager Deborah DiSanzo spoke at the annual J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on Wednesday. She provided an update on the progress that IBM Watson, the AI system famous for beating Jeopardy! DiSanzo highlighted four areas where AI is making a big difference today.

Is China Outsmarting America in A.I.?

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Sören Schwertfeger finished his postdoctorate research on autonomous robots in Germany, and seemed set to go to Europe or the United States, where artificial intelligence was pioneered and established. China, which for years watched enviously as the West invented the software and the chips powering today's digital age, has become a major player in artificial intelligence, what some think may be the most important technology of the future. Experts widely believe China is only a step behind the United States. Beijing is backing its artificial intelligence push with vast sums of money.

18 exponential changes we can expect in the year ahead


Azeem Azhar is a strategist, product entrepreneur, and analyst living in London. He is the curator of the weekly newsletter Exponential View, from which the following is adapted. This is the first year I am presenting predictions for the coming year. I've received some incredibly helpful comments from readers via Twitter. This has encouraged me to stick my head above the parapet.

3 reasons to think twice before injecting AI into your branding


"Artificial intelligence" (AI) is an opaque term with no commonly agreed definition and a disputed scope. We routinely use it to represent a range of diverse technologies that have the power to bring disruptive changes around the world. Whether businesses understand the complexities or not, many are scrambling to incorporate "AI" into their practices and their branding. Given the current buzz around the term, surely it makes sense to capitalize on the interest. Why wouldn't you want people looking at your company to immediately think "AI"?

#Open #IoT with #Blockchain #AI and #BigData – Paradigm Interactions


There will be many people who will say it does exist and has working technologies, hardware and software. It is an interesting error in thinking to focus on closed system devices/products as to what Ubiquity (IoT3) is. Devices are used to get across the point of various types of connections and networks being accessed. But more importantly in a full implementation of the concept of Ubiquity (often described as the IoT) devices may not even be owned anymore. The ownership of devices ceases to be important if you can own your digital identity, can verify it and establish your own ecosystem of assets in Blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence: Everything You Want to Know


By the end of this 10-minute read, you will hopefully have a comprehensive overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI). We'll try our best to give you straightforward and relatable answers on this quite heavy subject. After defining AI and its subfields, we will have a look into the brief history, current use cases, most common fears, and mind-boggling predictions for the future. We encourage you to dig deeper into the 10 great resources we have listed for you at the end of this article. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE HAS BECOME THE NEW BUZZWORD leaving IoT, Big Data, Automation, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in shade.

Can Machine Learning Turn Big Data into No Big Deal?


With technology moving so fast, new ways to automate, and connected machines, how can managers and engineers simplify the complexity of that ecosystem? Is machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI) the key? This article will define some buzzwords, what they mean, and if they might help simplify these complex technologies so that you can move back into production. New technologies, such as Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things, are gaining more traction. While security is a concern, some companies push ahead because the benefits are too great.

Former Michigan CISO: Don't Ignore Security Predictions


It seems like every vendor in the data security industry makes predictions this time of year. Which ones should you pay attention to? All of them, says Dan Lohrmann, who formerly served as the state of Michigan's CISO and CTO. See Also: IoT is Happening Now: Are You Prepared? "I really view it as something that professionals need to widen their perspectives," Lohrmann says in an interview with Information Security Media Group.

Lawyer-bots are shaking up jobs


Meticulous research, deep study of case law, and intricate argument-building--lawyers have used similar methods to ply their trade for hundreds of years. But they'd better watch out, because artificial intelligence is moving in on the field. As of 2016, there were over 1,300,000 licensed lawyers and 200,000 paralegals in the U.S. Consultancy group McKinsey estimates that 22 percent of a lawyer's job and 35 percent of a law clerk's job can be automated, which means that while humanity won't be completely overtaken, major businesses and career adjustments aren't far off (see "Is Technology About to Decimate White-Collar Work?"). In some cases, they're already here. "If I was the parent of a law student, I would be concerned a bit," says Todd Solomon, a partner at the law firm McDermott Will & Emery, based in Chicago.