Technology leaders look to advance artificial intelligence - SD Times


Technology leaders are looking to bring artificial intelligence out of its infancy to make breakthroughs in cognitive solutions.

IBM & MIT join forces to advance AI comprehension technologies


IBM Research have announced a multi-year collaboration with the Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences at MIT to advance the scientific field of machine vision, a core aspect of artificial intelligence.

Most experts say AI isn't as much of a threat as you might think


If you believe everything you read, you are probably quite worried about the prospect of a superintelligent, killer AI. The Guardian, a British newspaper, warned recently that "we're like children playing with a bomb," and a recent Newsweek headline reads, "Artificial Intelligence Is Coming, and It Could Wipe Us Out."

Microsoft wants to crack the cancer code using artificial intelligence


Cancer is like a computer virus and can be'solved' by cracking the code, according to Microsoft. The computer software company says its researchers are using artificial intelligence in a new healthcare initiative to target cancerous cells and eliminate the disease.

MIT and IBM team up to create AI that sees, hears, and gets it – like humans

Christian Science Monitor

It's easy to take for granted the complex mental tasks human beings are constantly performing.

IBM, MIT form research lab to spur development of smarter AI


IBM and MIT announced a joint research partnership with the aim of creating artificial intelligence that understands audio and visual data the way people do.

Cancer Research Aided by NASA's Space Exploration


Advanced cancer research is calling on techniques used by NASA scientists who analyze satellite imagery to find commonalities among stars, planets and galaxies in space.

Microsoft's next big AI project? Helping 'solve' cancer ZDNet


Microsoft says it aims to help oncologists consider the individual elements of each patient's cancer at the genetic level.

Microsoft Research Teams Leverage AI And Machine Learning To Help Eradicate Cancer


Let's face it, cancer sucks! We're sure that at all of us knows someone who is battling cancer or has lost a friend of close family member due to the perils of cancer. Given that this disease touches just about all of us, it should come as no surprise that billions of dollars are poured into researching cancer and ways to eradicate it for good.

Artificial Intelligence Software Easily Generates Digital Art


Researchers from Adobe and University of California, Berkeley developed software that automatically generates images inspired by the color and shape of the digital brushstroke.