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AI-driven strategies are becoming mainstream, survey finds


Deloitte today released the fourth edition of its State of AI in the Enterprise report, which surveyed 2,857 business decision-makers between March and May 2021 about their perception of AI technologies. Few organizations claim to be completely AI-powered, the responses show, but a significant percentage are beginning to adopt practices that could get them there. In the survey, Deloitte explored the transformations happening inside firms applying AI and machine learning to drive value. During the pandemic, digitization efforts prompted many companies to adopt AI-powered solutions to back-office and customer-facing challenges. A PricewaterhouseCoopers whitepaper found that 52% percent of companies have accelerated their AI adoption plans, with global spending on AI systems set to jump from $85.3 billion in 2021 to over $204 billion in 2025, according to IDC.

Deloitte Launches CognitiveSpark for Marketing Artificial Intelligence Solution


Deloitte today announced the launch of its ConvergeHEALTH CognitiveSpark for Marketing artificial intelligence (AI) precision engagement solution, a module of the CognitiveSpark suite. CognitiveSpark for Marketing harnesses the power of AI to boost digital marketing return on investment (ROI) for life sciences companies, helping marketers make AI-powered decisions at scale and with speed. CognitiveSpark for Marketing harnesses the power of AI to boost digital marketing ROI for life sciences companies. A recent Deloitte survey of biopharma executives found that digital innovation is now a burning priority, with 77% of those surveyed saying their organization considers "digital innovation as a competitive differentiator." And in the same survey, 86% of commercial leaders pointed to "health care provider (HCP)/patient engagement as the top use case likely to be impacted by digital innovation."

Berkshire Grey's Enterprise Robots to Meet Global Supply Chain Demands - ROBOfluence


Berkshire Grey Inc, the leading AI-enabled robotic solutions, has announced its partnership with North Highland, a worldwide management consulting firm, to solve global supply chain challenges and enhance the throughput of eCommerce fulfillment. With surging demand in the E-Commerce Industry, lack of labor issues, and increasing customer expectations for speed and quality, chief supply chain officers (CSCOs) are under more stress than ever to optimize supply chain operations and enhance supply chain resiliency. Berkshire Grey offers solutions to customers that support order fulfillment over the entire supply chain by providing the most extensive portfolio of (IER) Intelligent Enterprise Robotic solutions available. Berkshire Grey's complete services cover design, installation, testing, and commissioning, as well as ongoing support employing cloud-based AI solutions for auspicious maintenance, system operations management, analytics, and integration. Major retailers and consumer product companies trust North Highland consultants to advise and deliver cutting-edge technology, which is why North Highland chose Berkshire Grey's innovative robotic solutions.

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence Operations (AIOps)


As the amount of enterprise data rapidly grows, government agencies are seeking to collect, analyze, and package insights to guide critical decisions about the mission. For many organizations, artificial intelligence (AI) promises the best tools to address today's unchecked data growth and equip senior leaders to act. In a new O'Reilly report, Booz Allen's Justin Neroda, Steve Escaravage, and Aaron Peters outline how to use artificial intelligence operations (AIOps) to extend and integrate powerful AI capabilities throughout the enterprise.

Applying COSO's Framework to Implement and Scale AI


Applying ERM principles to AI initiatives can help organizations improve governance of AI, manage risks, and drive performance to maximize achievement of strategic goals. The project, commissioned by COSO and co-authored by Deloitte & Touche LLP, focuses on the need for organizations to design and implement governance, risk management, and oversight strategies and structures to realize the potential of humans collaborating with AI. The COSO ERM framework, coupled with Deloitte's Trustworthy AITM Framework, can provide an overarching and comprehensive approach that aligns risk management with strategy, reduce performance variability, and improve the likelihood of success for AI initiatives.

Belfast's prize-winning CattleEye to beef up its business at Web Summit


AI-powered video analytics start-up CattleEye is in a field of its own having won the Irish leg of KPMG's Global Tech Innovator Competition. Belfast-based tech start-up CattleEye has won the top prize at KPMG's tech innovator competition, which saw entrants from all over Ireland. CattleEye uses AI-powered video analytics to keep an eye on cows. The start-up's CEO Terry Canning impressed the panel of judges, who also heard from eight other business people hoping to be crowned Ireland's top tech innovator. Canning's CattleEye will now progress to KPMG's Global Tech Innovator competition, which will be held at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

AI Adoption Skyrocketed Over the Last 18 Months


When it comes to digital transformation, the Covid crisis has provided important lessons for business leaders. Among the most compelling lessons is the potential data analytics and artificial intelligence brings to the table. "Launching a direct-to-consumer business was always on our roadmap, but we certainly hadn't planned on launching it in 30 days in the middle of a pandemic," says Michael Lindsey, chief growth officer at Frito-Lay. "The pandemic inspired our teams to move faster that we would have dreamed possible." The crisis accelerated the adoption of analytics and AI, and this momentum will continue into the 2020s, surveys show. Fifty-two percent of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans because of the Covid crisis, a study by PwC finds.

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Jobs for Freshers in India


Artificial intelligence is the process of re-creating human knowledge in robots that are designed to think and act like humans. AI has evolved from a once-obscure technology into a standard toolbox for software development and design. Without a question, artificial intelligence (AI) is the way of the future when it comes to automation. Robotization, DevOps phases, the Internet Chabot, and mechanical technology are all examples of upcoming IT advancements using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence jobs are a fast-paced, high-risk industry that is rapidly infiltrating our daily lives.

AI Predictions


Despite a tough year for many, US companies are accelerating plans to implement artificial intelligence (AI). Another 54% are heading there fast. And they've moved way beyond just laying the foundation. Many are reaping rewards from AI right now, in part because it proved to be a highly effective response to the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, most of the companies that have fully embraced AI already report seeing major benefits.

Accenture, IonQ work to bring quantum computing to more businesses


The partnership will see IonQ and Accenture join forces to help other businesses assess how quantum computing could help improve their outcomes. Quantum computing start-up IonQ has signed off a new collaboration with consulting giant Accenture, in a move that shows once more that the technology is coming further out of the lab and into the business strategies of forward-looking executives. The partnership will see IonQ and Accenture join forces to help other businesses assess how quantum computing could help improve their outcomes. With Accenture's client-list spanning 120 countries and more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500, this could go a long way toward bringing quantum computing further into the mainstream. Accenture works with C-suite executives to assist them with their digital transformation goals.