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From data scientist to machine learning engineer


I studied Math in my undergraduate. After that I worked for Deloitte for three years as a business consultant. I wanted to be more technical so I made sure my math studies included computational challenges that required me to learn how to program. In 2013, I finished a Master's in mathematics, and left my PhD program after my first year due to personal reasons. So, in 2014 I began job search and wanted to find a job where I could bring my newfound programming skills to bear.

Uber spins out Postmates' robot delivery division into a separate company


Uber is spinning off Postmates' autonomous delivery division into a separate startup called Serve Robotics. The company inherited the unit when it acquired Postmates last year for $2.65 billion. According to Bloomberg, Uber will invest approximately $50 million in a Series A financing round that will make the company a minority stakeholder in Serve Robotics. The startup will operate independently of its former parent. However, it will maintain a close relationship with the company through a partnership that will see its sidewalk robots deliver groceries and other essentials to Uber customers.

Uber cuts 15 percent of Postmates' workforce


Now that Uber owns Postmates, it's apparently ready to cut workers it believes are superfluous. Uber has confirmed to the New York Times that it's laying off about 185 people at Postmates, or about 15 percent of the delivery company's staff. Most of the executives are leaving, including founder and CEO Bastian Lehmann. There may be more departures in the months ahead as contracts expire and others are asked to leave. The layoffs come as Uber melds its Eats platform with Postmates.



The prospect of truly zero contact delivery seems closer -- and more important -- than ever with the pandemic changing how we think of last mile logistics. Autonomous delivery executives from FedEx, Postmates, and Refraction AI joined us to talk about the emerging field at TechCrunch Mobility 2020. FedEx VP of Advanced Technology and Innovation Rebecca Yeung explained why the logistics giant felt that it was time to double down on its experiments in the area of autonomy. "COVID brought the term'contactless' -- before that not many people are talking about contactless; Now it's almost a preferred way of us delivering," she said. "So we see, from government to consumers, open mindedness about, maybe in the future you would have everything delivered to you through autonomous means, and that's the preferred way."

EqualAI Challenges Companies and Leaders to Pledge to Reduce Bias


EqualAI, a nonprofit organization and leading voice focused on reducing unconscious bias in the development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), challenged corporations and business leaders around the globe to take The Pledge to Reduce Bias in AI. There are immediate actions that organizations can take to identify and reduce bias within their existing systems. EqualAI has been seeking out ways that companies can go beyond mere statements in support of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and commit to action. The Pledge identifies actions within a company's control that they can commit to changing quickly to create a tangible impact in our society. Organizations taking The Pledge to Reduce Bias in AI are forward-thinking leaders.

These 7 robotic delivery companies are racing to bring shopping to your door


By 2020, people thought the autonomous car would whisk you to the office while you read the paper and tackle your emails, then taking you home from the bar on a Friday evening. That remains lodged somewhere in the pipeline for now. But another slice of science fiction is on the way – robots that deliver your food -- and it's already knocking at the door. Robotic food delivery (or, increasingly, the delivery of anything that fits into a robot) is being tackled by a wide range of companies, from garage startups to retail giants. Many use six-wheeled robots designed to drive themselves along the sidewalk and the pathways of business parks and college campuses.

They Say the New Delivery Service Is a Robot…


Growing up, I enjoyed coming home after school to watch Lost in Space. The robot's staccato "Danger Will Robinson Danger" can, even now, crawl up from my subconscious. It helped encourage my imagination as to what robots might become. Sadly, in some ways, the show was more prescient than we knew. The Lost in Space robot, "B-9" was a metallic suit worn and manipulated by actor Bob May (1939–2009).

Postmates unveils Wall-E lookalike bot that can autonomously deliver your lunch to your doorstep

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Your next Starbucks latte might be delivered by an adorable roving robot. Postmates, the food and grocery delivery company, has debuted its new autonomous delivery robot, named'Serve.' The four-wheeled rover closely resembles a brightly colored cooler, except it has huge, saucer-shaped eyes and an array of cameras meant to help it navigate the streets. Your next latte might be delivered by an adorable roving robot. Postmates, the food and grocery delivery company, has debuted its new autonomous delivery robot, named'Serve' Postmates is a food and grocery delivery service that brings items to your doorstep.

Postmates' Quest to Build the Delivery Robot of the Future


Hanging on the wall of Postmates' stealth R&D laboratory, there's a framed photo of an iconic scene from Star Wars, Luke Skywalker bent down beside R2D2. Except someone has used Photoshop to replace Luke's face with Ali Kashani, Postmates' VP of Robotics. Nevermind that Kashani has never seen Star Wars (he considers this a point of pride). Kashani recognizes the symbolism of his face in a world where robots roll around next to people, where bots act almost like friends. Kashani joined Postmates a year and a half ago, with a special mission to bring robots to the company.

Ford and Walmart collaborate to design automated-vehicle delivery


The Walmart pilot initially will use human-driven vehicles operated to simulate how a self-driving vehicle would behave, Ford said. Ford has said it expects to launch commercial production of automated vehicles by 2021. Ford and its partners are using Miami as a testing ground for automated delivery service ideas and automated vehicle technology. The new pilot project will offer customers delivery by Postmates of goods ordered at Walmart stores. Brian Wolf, an executive of Ford's autonomous vehicle unit, wrote in a blog post that the companies will work over the next "couple of months" to figure out what goods can be delivered successfully, especially perishable groceries.