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UAE gets American drones as China ramps up sales

Al Jazeera

The White House's recent decision to allow the sale of advanced weapons systems to the United Arab Emirates highlights the deliberate shift in US policy towards the UAE after it signed "normalisation" accords with Israel. Why would the UAE want American drones as it already has dozens of Chinese armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in its inventory? And why has the United States now agreed to these sales, overcoming its traditional reticence to sell sophisticated weapons to other countries? Chinese armed drones have made a significant effect on the battlefields across the Middle East and North Africa. They have been used to assassinate Houthi rebel leaders in Yemen, kill ISIL-affiliated fighters in the Sinai, and for a time help Khalifa Haftar dominate the battlespace in Libya.

Featured - PAF Center of Artificial Intelligence and Computing


I think this a step in the right direction. We may not be perfect and make all the right decisions all the time but it does some there's enough people with their head screwed on right. This is a crucial area for R&D. I am more excited about the computing part than the AI part. You need computing clusters to run FEM codes and FDC sims and I suppose PAF has realized this (it was about time they did). That being said many interesting applications for AI, but not in the way most people think (read autonomous fighter jets).

How Artificial Intelligence help Pakistan To Fight Its Battle - Technology Times


Artificial Intelligence help, Even before Covid-19, Pakistan was dealing with multi-pronged crises, ranging from the economy to health, and digital rights. The pandemic, however, has significantly exacerbated the crises. Artificial Intelligence help, The precipitously rising problems have, in turn, given rise to global calls for similarly urgent solutions. In a world, where social distancing has become a basic necessity to fight the pandemic, digitization is an integral part of any solutions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data have been its vanguards.

First Comstech exhibition of artificial intelligence to commence on August 4


Islamabad: The purpose of the '1st Comstech Showcasing of Artificial Intelligence and IoT Products and Services: AI and IoT for Pakistan, is to foster interest in Science, Technology, and Innovation and to popularize the field of artificial intelligence among the youth of Pakistan, stimulating their interest in the sphere of innovation, and in high-tech areas of technology. This national exhibition will be a unique platform for innovators, technology developers, and service providers, who are eager and ready to share experience and professional skills with end users to appreciate the importance of this field and foster linkages for development in national economic growth, informed Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, while addressing a press briefing on the "1st Comstech Showcasing of Artificial Intelligence and IoT Products and Services: AI and IoT for Pakistan, to be held on August 4 to 5, 2020 at Comstech Secretariat Islamabad, is being organised by Comstech, CARE (Pvt) Ltd., MoST and MoITT. The national showcasing is designed to promote projects and innovations in the realm of AI and allied technologies. It is a showcasing of next generation technologies, solutions and strategies from all over Pakistan, to provide an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI and allied technologies in Pakistan. The event will provide the opportunity to network with relevant ministries, industry R&D organizations, academia, strategic organizations and peers.

This Doctor From Kashmir Uses Machine Learning To Crunch Coronavirus Data


A physician-turned-entrepreneur raised in Kashmir is now part of a team using big data and machine learning to help detect useful patterns in the tsunami of public health data generated world-wide by the COVID-19 crisis and do what he can for those back home. Junaid Nabi, a public health researcher at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, says his experiences with the health system in the developing world drives his current work. "Growing up in Kashmir, a society marred with social, economic, and healthcare disparities, I was exposed to the inherent inequities in my community at an early age," he said, "During the final years of my training, I had an opportunity to work with some non-profit organizations, especially the rescue teams during the Savar building collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh." "This is when I noticed that clinical medicine does not answer all the questions clinical work asks." Nabi, who is also an Aspen New Voices Fellow, is now working with colleagues at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health to develop digital tools that harness big data and machine learning to rapidly evaluate patterns in the data pouring in from clinical research. "I believe machine learning has an important role in COVID-19," he said.

What artificial intelligence means


If anybody read the word Artificial Intelligence (AI), he starts thinking that he will come to a shopping mall on his self-driven car and there a robot opens his car door. All services are automated without human presence, like greeter, house staff, and security guard. Every job is done by a robot. This perception is very much aligned for AI in near future, but are we adopting AI properly in Pakistan? Are we following ethical codes to use AI for improvement of human conditions?

Pakistan says wants to collaborate with UAE on world's first AI university


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry on Friday lauded the United Arab Emirates' plans to launch the world's first university of artificial intelligence, expressing Islamabad's interest in collaborating on the project. Earlier this month, Abu Dhabi announced the opening of the first dedicated AI university. The Mohammad Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) will open its doors on September 2020. Chaudhary said Pakistan also had a center of excellence on artificial intelligence and "would like to join hands with the UAE university to enhance the capabilities of our people in the field". "UAE was the first country which established a proper ministry for artificial intelligence in 2017," the minister told Arab News in a phone interview from China where he is on a six-day official visit.

Pakistan's machine learning expert Aqsa Kausar breaks Stereotypes


Aqsa, An engineering graduate from the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) broke all stereotypes regarding Women and technology. Machine Learning is the use of Artificial Intelligence that encourages the PC framework to anticipate the result and make a move that is required without being explicitly programmed. Aqsa Kausar has become Pakistan's first female Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning. Aqsa got a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from NUST with a CGPA of 3.79. She has just become well known at such a youthful age by contributing immeasurably in the field of Machine Learning.

Jazz, Afiniti to enhance customer experience using AI solutions


Jazz, Pakistan's leading digital communications company, and Afiniti, a multinational advanced analytics company, have partnered to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in customer service contact centers across Pakistan, fostering significant gains in customer satisfaction and revenues. As part of its long-term commitment to meet and exceed customer satisfaction, Jazz engaged Afiniti to use their AI powered contact centre technology to optimize call outcomes at Jazz's customer service contact centres. By analyzing call histories and other CRM data, Afiniti's algorithm predicts patterns of interpersonal behavior and matches callers with Jazz's contact centre agents best equipped to serve them. "Industries globally are advancing rapidly thanks to AI and we wanted to use this technology for the benefit of our customers," said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Jazz. "Afiniti's solution is intuitive, seamless and measurable, and a part of Jazz's broader customer obsession motto. "Afiniti is the world's premier provider of applied artificial intelligence solutions, having delivered billions of dollars in measurable economic value to its clients around the world.

President stresses upon Pak-Japan cooperation in artificial intelligence field


ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi has stressed upon strengthening of Pakistan-Japan cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) as Pakistan has huge potential in terms of more than half of its young population. During an interview with the Japanese News 24 (NTV), the president said he had launched the artificial intelligence training system initiative with target to produce about 100,000 AI experts within two years. Dr Alvi is in Japan on the invitation of the Japanese government to attend the enthronement ceremony of Emperor of Japan Naruhito. The president invited the Japanese software companies to invest in Pakistan and said it was possible to engage in the software development and artificial intelligence development. He said there were a lot of Japanese investment destinations in Pakistan.