Is machine learning the future of marketing?


Will it be entirely automated by smart AIs that fully understand human nuance? Will it be entirely manual and managed only by individual people without the aid of technology? As we'll discuss shortly, the top influencers in marketing put their heads together on this very topic, and the results may surprise you. In any case, it's safe to say that marketing probably isn't going back to the old days of billboards, newspapers, and radio spots. The numbers don't lie: the future of marketing is definitely digital.

Stripe urges retailers to use machine learning in fight against online fraud


With Christmas approaching, online retailers are facing an onslaught of fraudsters, and machine learning could prove vital to pattern detection. Stripe has revealed insights from its data to help online businesses fight online fraud this Christmas, and has recommended that retailers add machine learning tools to their respective arsenals. Stripe examined transaction data from hundreds of thousands of its customers across 25 countries. 'We recommend using anti-fraud tools based on machine learning trained on large amounts of data, to ensure businesses are making the right trade-offs between battling fraud and maximising profits' – MICHAEL MANAPAT While chip-enabled credit cards have made bricks-and-mortar shopping safer, fraudsters are increasingly targeting online stores. However, unlike physical stores, online businesses are unfortunately responsible for paying the associated costs.

Here are all the best deals for Free Shipping Day 2017


The best deals you can find on popular gifts for Free Shipping Day 2017 (Photo: If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. However, our picks and opinions are independent from USA TODAY's newsroom and any business incentives. Still having holiday shopping to do? If you would rather not deal with crowds of stressed holiday shoppers and chaotic parking lots, today is the best day to get what you need online.

7 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore


I would have written you a shorter letter but I didn't have the time. This quote attributed to many different sources sums up what we are now facing in this very complex world. Creating messaging and content that makes sense in one sentence, 140 characters or even a six second video. That is an art form to be admired. But as marketers that is what you are confronted with.

10 Companies Using Machine Learning in Cool Ways


If science-fiction movies have taught us anything, it's that the future is a bleak and terrifying dystopia ruled by murderous sentient robots. Fortunately, only one of these things is true – but that could soon change, as the doomsayers are so fond of telling us. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are among the most significant technological developments in recent history. Few fields promise to "disrupt" (to borrow a favored term) life as we know it quite like machine learning, but many of the applications of machine learning technology go unseen. Want to see some real examples of machine learning in action?

Can AI win the war against fake news?


It may have been the first bit of fake news in the history of the Internet: in 1984, someone posted on Usenet that the Soviet Union was joining the network. It was a harmless April's Fools Day prank, a far cry from today's weaponized disinformation campaigns and unscrupulous fabrications designed to turn a quick profit. In 2017, misleading and maliciously false online content is so prolific that we humans have little hope of digging ourselves out of the mire. Instead, it looks increasingly likely that the machines will have to save us. One algorithm meant to shine a light in the darkness is,

AOL Instant Messenger Made Social Media What It Is Today

MIT Technology Review

It's the year 2000, I'm just about eight years old, and it's my first day on AOL Instant Messenger. My fingers move clumsily across the plastic keyboard as I try to type fast enough to keep up with two cousins who are already seasoned AIM pros, sending me rapid-fire missives of excitement in our little online chat room. I'm in Boston and they're in New York, but "omg we can talk all the time!!!1!" We weren't alone in our excitement. First released in 1997, AIM was a popular way for millions of people to communicate throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, and it helped form Internet culture and communication as we know them today. It's where so many of us became fluent in LOL-ing and emoticons, and caught the itch to stay in constant contact with others no matter where we are.



We are entering the third Internet era, and businesses need to be ready for cloud-integrated networks. Cloud integration creates an environment in the organisation that can meet the demands for data, automation of business processes and the anticipated widespread disruption. We offer sound advice on how to keep up with the latest IT trends. BPaaS is a vertical business process that employs a cloud-computing service model. It's growing in popularity as businesses seek to optimise processes with fewer operational costs.

What Siri Says When New Zealanders Ask About Sex

Mother Jones

"Is it OK to put a jade egg in my vagina?" A team of New Zealand researchers posed these questions and 47 others to digital assistants to determine how effectively Siri et al. could answer questions on sex. The informal study, which was not peer-reviewed, was published online Wednesday by the medical journal BMJ. Three researchers used laptops to type out questions to, and then used iPhone 7 devices to ask the Google Assistant app and Siri the same questions. The responses were rated by quality, with expert sources like universities and hospitals ranked most highly.

Online Master of Science in Business Analytics - Business Analytics @ Tepper


The Tepper School of Business developed the curriculum for the online Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program from the ground up with this question in mind. In consultation with global business leaders, they determined that the greatest need is for professionals who not only have advanced analytical skills, such as machine learning and optimization, but also the appropriate business knowledge and communication skills to solve complex problems and bring value to industry. Our students develop proficiency in the full range of state-of-the-art business analytics techniques; they also learn how to tell stories through and extract insights from data. Given the Tepper School's view of a curriculum as an organic entity, our faculty continually work in concert to ensure that courses harmonize, even as they are individually updated and modified to ensure learning outcomes for students are always in step with an ever-evolving industry. The flexible online format enables students to continue working while earning their degree and apply what they learn in the classroom to their work environment.