7 Machine Learning lessons that stuck with me this year


I've been a student of Machine Learning for the past two years, but this past year was when I finally got to apply what I learned and solidify my understanding of it. So I decided to share 7 lessons I learned during my "first" year of Machine Learning and hopefully make this article an annual tradition. Nowadays, it is relatively easy to learn about Machine Learning thanks to the vast selection of learning resources that exist online. Unfortunately, many of them tend to gloss over the data collection and cleaning steps. During my first serious Machine learning project, my team and I run into the BIG question of where do we get our data from?

The Importance of Being a Mentor and Having a Mentor Machine Learning Analytikus United States


Mentors have a pivotal role to play in education. Whether you are enrolled in a pre-service teacher program, working as an intern in a school, new to teaching or to a new school, you often have a mentor to help guide you through any transitions along the way. Most of the time the "mentorship" is formed between a more veteran teacher and a newer teacher, to help to lessen any feelings of being overwhelmed when starting the teaching journey. Mentors can help newer teachers find their place in the school, establish their classroom presence and get into a daily teaching practice. While I believe that mentoring for new teachers is critical, I think that an area that is often overlooked is that veteran teachers need mentors as well.

Local high school teams try to be FIRST in robotics competition in Costa Mesa

Los Angeles Times

In the Hangar at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa, high school students watched as robots rushed to fill spaceships with cargo before the next sandstorm arrived. The Orange County regional of the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition drew more than 40 teams and their robots. Teams from Marina, Huntington Beach, Ocean View, Edison and Corona del Mar high schools were in attendance Friday. This year's theme is "Destination: Deep Space," inspired by the lunar landing in July 1969. The challenge is to have the robots affix plastic "hatch panels" to the sides of the rockets and cargo ships and fill each with orange balls (the cargo).

Artificial Intelligence Is the Way Forward - AI Courses in India JobsForHer


Along with the extremes of traditional and online methods, a new method has emerged. Generally termed or known as a "hybrid method", it adopts the best of both traditional and online methods to deliver content. The hybrid method allows the student to study at their own pace while allowing them the guidance of a mentor whom they can meet and consult. Such a mentor would be associated with a university and are generally experts in the subject. This allows the student to discuss and understand the topic in depth, which might be a constraint in a purely online model.

How to build a countrywide AI strategy? Finland is turning its seniors into evangelists.


In many ways, Hely Lyly is your typical grandma. She's retired, sings in a chorus, takes fitness classes, participates in a book club and spends a good chunk of her day taking care of her grandchildren. These days, though, Lyly, 68, has a new gig -- as an artificial intelligence evangelist. "AI is now my new hobby," Lyly said, chuckling. Lyly is one of nearly 100 senior volunteers mentoring their peers on the fundamentals of AI.

Portraits in Digital Health -- Eduardo Peire – Mike Doherty – Medium


We met Eduardo over the summer via Aline Noizet, of course. He is the data science equivalent of McGyver. What did you work on in 2018? I have 2 jobs, one as an AI consultant doing projects for health-related companies that I cannot talk about because of an NDA. And I also lead AIScope, an NGO that uses AI to diagnose the deadliest diseases in low and middle-income areas, diseases like Malaria, tuberculosis or diarrhea-related diseases that kill thousands of people every day.

Top 10 Incubators in Artificial Intelligence Analytics Insight


It would appear that anchoring financing from Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup accelerators is like a drop in the bucket nowadays. AI is a popular expression of the day among angel investors, VC assets, and columnists alike. Discovering funds and assets for creating AI ventures might be less demanding than ever before, however, what is the correct sort of funding for a promising startup. What reasonable options an AI startup has? Is it at all worth permitting outside investors entering your AI startup?

UCF's 30-Year REU Site in Computer Vision

Communications of the ACM

The focus on the summer months has led to annual review of the short summer background training, inclusion of and proper scheduling of the vast variety of activities. The pre-summer activities of planning the research topics in advance has also taken greater attention. The recent change of adding new faculty to the Center for Research in Computer Vision (CRCV) has permitted flexibility in how the 10 students are subgrouped for their weekly reporting meetings, how they are mentored each day, and has opened up new research areas within computer vision and machine learning.

AlphaGomoku: An AlphaGo-based Gomoku Artificial Intelligence using Curriculum Learning Artificial Intelligence

Abstract--In this project, we combine AlphaGo algorithm with Curriculum Learning to crack the game of Gomoku. Modifications like Double Networks Mechanism and Winning Value Decay are implemented to solve the intrinsic asymmetry and short-sight of Gomoku. Our final AI AlphaGomoku, through two days' training on a single GPU, has reached humans' playing level. Free style Gomoku is an interesting strategy board game with quite simple rules: two players alternatively place black and white stones on a board with 15 by 15 grids and winner is the one who first reach a line of consecutive five or more stones of his or her color. It is popular among students since it can be played simply with a piece of paper and a pencil to kill the boring class time. It is also popular among computer scientists since Gomoku is a natural playground for many artificial intelligence algorithms.

Why Universities Need To Prepare Students For The New AI World


Artificial intelligence is increasingly embedded in our consumer and business lives, and it is poised to transform how societies function in the years to come. Yet universities are not adequately preparing students for a changing world. To better prepare students for a changing world, AI needs to be increasingly embedded into higher education. For students, AI will inevitably impact their careers. Those interested in careers in AI could pursue a wide range of exciting new career possibilities focused on data science, machine learning or advanced statistics.