Watch science fiction become reality with these real-life jetpacks


Once a part of science fiction, jet packs have exploded onto the scene as a realistic possibility for military and commercial uses.

Nvidia's Pascal-powered Jetson TX2 computer blows away Raspberry Pi


The Raspberry Pi may be the most widely known board computer being sold, but Nvidia's Jetson TX2 is one of the fastest.

Jetpack to work

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ROBOTICS: Vyo Is a Fascinating and Unique Take on Social Domestic Robots Evan Ackerman IEEE Spectrum "Vyo is'a personal assistant serving as a centralized interface for smart home devices.' Nothing new there, but what sets Vyo apart is how you interact with it: it combines non-anthropomorphic design with anthropomorphic expressiveness and a tactile object-based control system into a social robot that's totally, adorably different."