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Technology industry artificial intelligence venture financing deals total $211.1m in Europe in August 2022


Copy and paste the image source into your website to display the chart. The value marked a decrease of 62.1% over the previous month of $557m and a drop of 67.7% when compared with the last 12-month average of $653.54m. Europe held an 8.38% share of the global technology industry artificial intelligence venture financing deal value that totalled $2.52bn in August 2022. Sweden was the top country in Europe's artificial intelligence venture financing deal value across technology industry. In terms of artificial intelligence venture financing deal activity, Europe recorded 43 deals during August 2022, marking an increase of 7.50% over the previous month and a drop of 17.31% over the 12-month average.

The Development of Artificial Intelligence in China: Development points and projects


Making machines mimic or even surpass human intellectual behaviour and thinking methods has always been a scientific field full of rich imagination and great challenges. The recent great advances in Artificial Intelligence technology represented by driverless cars and the AlphaGo game have led to enthusiasm and a great deal of funding for the AI field. Considering the development bases, existing problems and opportunities of Chinese AI, strategic thinking on the progress of this industry is continuously proposed for discussion and decision-making reference. The Internet action guidance opinions issued by the State Council have clearly stated that AI is one of the key development areas for the creation of new industrial models. Four Departments, in addition to the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology, have jointly issued implementation plans for Internet .

Artificial Intelligence in Oncology Market: Distribution by Type of Cancer, Type of End-Users and Key Geographical Regions : Industry Trends and Global Forecasts, 2022-2035


GNW 9 million individuals are likely to be diagnosed with various types of cancer in the US. During the same year, around 0.6 million cancer-related deaths are anticipated to be reported in the aforementioned region. This, in turn, is expected to result in an increase of 70% in the global cancer burden, over the next two decades. Amidst the ever growing cancer burden, a number of strategies are being tested by researchers and industry players to help provide relief to the affected individuals. In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a key enabler in improving the accuracy and speed of cancer diagnosis.

Website uses Artificial Intelligence to turn characters into Pokémon - Play Crazy Game


Pokémon are unique little monsters, but often inspired by real-life animals or even some objects. And thinking about this freedom of diversity, a new model of Artificial Intelligence manages to transform any known character into a unique and unique Pokémon version. A website reveals a new Artificial Intelligence software that is capable of transforming a phrase or a character into a Pokémon in a matter of seconds, with beautiful and well-made images, which have been catching the public's attention. The application in question was developed by programmer Justin Pinkney, and called text-to-Pokemon. It allows you to put the name of any celebrity or character on the site to have access to a version of him in the world of skillful little monsters.

More businesses need to use AI


As a startup which has been operational for five years, specializing in conversational artificial intelligence (AI), Vbee is a pioneer in providing services such as artificial voice ( However, the path to bringing AI to reality is still tough. First, businesses must be persuaded to apply new technological solutions to improve productivity and reduce costs. Vnee has many solutions such as KYC (Know Your Customer), artificial switchboard, artificial voice, artificial MC, OCR (optical character recognition), voice biometrics, chatbot, call bot and artificial virtual assistant, packaged and ready to be used. But businesses are hesitant to use them.

Impact of AI in IoT security


The Internet-of-Things (IoT) market has grown rapidly over the past few years, with the pandemic further catalyzing its adoption across geographies. IoT impact can be assessed by the various sectoral use cases, ranging from personalized healthcare (wearable devices, etc.) to infrastructure (smart cities, home automation, etc.), including industrial applications (industrial machinery, process monitoring, etc.). According to a survey by Hewlett-Packard, more than 70% of the generic IoT solutions feature security vulnerabilities such as unencrypted data transmissions or rudimentary passwords. As the volume and velocity of threats increase, specialists are turning to AI for intelligent real-time protection of these systems. As per the study Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence by Capgemini Research Institute, 53% of the executives cite leveraging AI in cybersecurity for IoT security, while 69% of the respondents claim they could not respond to cyberattacks without AI. AI-based cybersecurity for IoT is on the uptake, with industry leaders developing and deploying IoT-specific solutions.

Confronting The Risks Of Innovation And Technology


While technology is critical and necessary for businesses, it often is challenging to effectively ... [ ] implement and apply. Innovation and technology are at the top of nearly every business agenda. Technology is critical to innovation, and it also serves as the accelerator for many parts of businesses' growth plans, from manufacturing to distribution to marketing to finance. As the last decade has increasingly shown, companies that are unable to adopt new technologies quickly and effectively or don't have the right mix of talent run the risk of being outpaced, outsmarted, and otherwise disrupted. In many cases, the willingness and ability to adopt technology determines a company's very survival.

Skyline Robotics to Protect the Facade Health of New York City's Most Iconic Buildings


Skyline Robotics, developers of Ozmo, the world's first high-rise window-cleaning robot, is delivering on its mission to modernize façade health technology in New York City. The company announced a key investment from commercial and residential real estate giant, Durst Ventures, an affiliate of The Durst Organization, that owns some of New York's most notable skyscrapers including One Bryant Park, One World Trade Center and 151 West 42nd Street. The Durst investment will further Skyline's development and deployment of Ozmo, while The Durst Organization plans to utilize Ozmo to enhance the quality of service provided to its tenants and residents. "Skyline Robotics is forging an innovative path forward for facade maintenance, leveraging cutting-edge technology that will transform how we maintain and determine the health of our buildings." "As the real estate industry evolves, demand is growing for modern solutions that will not only maintain their assets, but will monitor and enhance the underlying asset value," said Michael Brown, CEO & chairman, Skyline Robotics.

Return On Artificial Intelligence: The Challenge And The Opportunity


There is increasing awareness that the greatest problems with artificial intelligence are not primarily technical, but rather how to achieve value from the technology. This was a growing problem even in the booming economy of the last several years, but a much more important issue in the current pandemic-driven recessionary economic climate. Older AI technologies like natural language processing, and newer ones like deep learning, work well for the most part and are capable of providing considerable value to organizations that implement them. The challenges are with large-scale implementation and deployment of AI, which are necessary to achieve value. There is substantial evidence of this in surveys.

Maximize data outcomes by investing in people and systems

MIT Technology Review

"To achieve that goal, availability of good data, of the right data, and availability of that to the right people and systems is very, very critical. So that forms the data strategy for any enterprise today," says chief architect for data and AI services at Kyndryl, Sundar Shanmugam. Getting the most out of digital transformation investments means evaluating and optimizing agility throughout an enterprise to drive actionable insights, says Shanmugam. A strong data governance framework also goes a long way in keeping data high-quality. Often data governance primarily serves regulatory requirements.