Samsung Bixby is promising, but Siri has nothing to worry about (for now)


That is one difference between Samsung's Bixby digital assistant and Apple's Siri. Over the past couple of weeks, however, Samsung has opened a more functional, listening, and speaking Bixby to a small group of Samsung Galaxy S8 owners. When I said, "Take a screenshot and post on Instagram," Bixby grabbed my current screen and composed an Instagram post, asking me to fill in the caption. It's a vision others are trying to fulfill by building their AI voice assistants into home hubs like Google Home and Apple HomePod, but that Samsung could complete by putting Bixby in everything else.

The Myth of a Superhuman AI


The most common misconception about artificial intelligence begins with the common misconception about natural intelligence. Multiple nodes, each node a continuum, create complexes of high diversity in high dimensions. So in that one type of cognition, squirrels exceed humans. In many cases they will be new, narrow, "small," specific modes for specific jobs -- perhaps a type of reasoning only useful in statistics and probability.

Human Compatible A.I.: A Myth


Now, you could say that stems from a lack of belief in my abilities to achieve my goal, which is to make a more generalistic artificial intelligence, but personally I don't believe that to be true. The intelligent machine that is tasked with collecting as many stamps as possible will soon figure out that automated eBay trading only gets it this far, and that there is a finite set of unique stamps to collect, so soon it will figure out that stamps are made of paper, paper is made of carbon, and after consuming the resources of the world its eye will focus on the carbon that humans are made up of. The problem with thinking that we can both create artificial general intelligence, and later artificial super intelligence (if that is even a choice we will make versus the machine itself), is that we are inherently not compatible.

Expert Panel Debunks AI Hype EE Times


"Turing predicted [that] AI will exceed human intelligence, and that's the end of the race -- if we're lucky, we can switch them off," said Stuart Russell, a professor of computer science at Berkeley and AI researcher, now writing a new version of a textbook on the field. He noted that a neural network is just part of Google's AlphaGo system that beat the world's best players. "AlphaGo … is a classical system … and deep learning [makes up] two parts of it … but they found it better to use an expressive program to learn the rules [of the game]. An end-to-end deep learning system would need … [data from] millions of past Go games that it could map to next moves.

How AI will play a major role in the auto industry


Artificial intelligence (AI) systems, blending data and advanced algorithms to mimic the cognitive functions of the human mind, have begun to simplify and enhance even the simplest aspects of our everyday experiences -- and the automotive industry is no exception. While self-driving cars and complex decision-making are the prime use cases for modern AI, the auto industry continues to search for new ways to engage customers through existing and new channels. Machine learning methods are particularly applicable when it comes to powering new insights within the auto industry because the data sets are large, diverse, and change quickly. Given the vast selection of cars and finance providers available, machine learning has the potential to help car buyers quickly find the vehicles and financing options that are right for them, vastly simplifying their customer journey.

Revuze AI solution for Brand Intelligence


Ingo's Classroom 976 views Artificial Intelligence: what it means for brands - Duration: 3:49. KRON 4 4,225 views Irwin Redlener: How to survive a nuclear attack - Duration: 25:19.

Is Amazon getting too big?


Read The Full Story Here: Go Inside Amazon's Amazing Journey to $1,000 Per Share Video provided by TheStreet Newslook Amazon has unveiled Prime Wardrobe, a subscription service that lets users try out clothing and accessories. Amazon Prime Membership gives customers access to free shipping & unlimited streaming with Prime Video. According to the book industry data site, of the 1.25 billion paper, electronic and audio books sold in the United States each year, 52% are sold through Amazon. Amazon has unveiled Prime Wardrobe, a subscription service that lets users try out clothing and accessories.

Will Artificial Intelligence really become a threat to humanity? Access AI


Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk (pictured) has been particularly vocal of his concerns, describing AI as potentially the biggest threat to humanity, even once describing the potential threat as more dangerous than nuclear bombs. Such are his concerns, Musk recently donated $10 million to the Future of Life Institute (FoLI) as part of a global research programme to ensure AI remains "beneficial to humanity," and not run the risk of getting out of control. "This partnership will provide consumer and industrial users of cognitive systems a vital voice in the advancement of the defining technology of this century –one that will foster collaboration between people and machines to solve some of the world's most enduring problems –in a way that is both trustworthy and beneficial." "Exciting opportunities" Amazon Director of Machine Learning Science and Core Machine Learning Ralf Herbrich, said he was "excited" about the opportunities the partnership will provide by bringing together the industry's leading personnel for the first time in such an environment.

US Intelligence director: "AI will replace 75 percent of spies"


The annual conference, hosted by the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, brings together technologists, soldiers, and intelligence professionals to discuss national security threats, changes in technology, and data collection and processing. The message he's sending to workers at the agency is that the goal of automation "isn't to get rid of you -- it's there to elevate you.… In Cardillo's eyes, the profession of geospatial intelligence – monitoring and exploiting commercial and proprietary video and imagery feeds, such as those available from global satellite surveillance company Planet – is on the precipice of a data explosion similar to when the internet took off. At that point, the National Security Agency (NSA), which is responsible for collecting and analysing digital communications, had to figure out ways to vacuum up and glean specific conclusions from an explosion of communications traveling back and forth on the web. RELATED: Promising'Genetic Chainsaw in a pill' could solve the world's antibiotic crisis NGA is responsible for tracking potential threats, such as military testing sites in North Korea.

Companies use AI to Find Human Employees to Work with Artificial Intelligence


There remain plenty of jobs for those who develop, program, manage, and market AI to work alongside it or improve its operation. We need to be measuring for intelligence before we even pick up a résumé, instead of waiting until someone has been three months on the job," Ms. MacGregor adds. Overall, in this new AI dominated employment market, an intelligent, independent thinker, and team player needs more than he has in the past to procure job security. However, there will definitely be well-paying jobs in the future for programming and working with AI robots.