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Why AI Code Optimisation Will Be A Game-changer - AI Summary


In practice, most people who've worked with AI or ML in industry know that the technology requires a great deal of manual intervention to be able to smoothly run in a production environment. Whether it be removing redundant lines of code or reordering processes to better use compute or storage resources, scaling AI deployments requires software engineers to dedicate vast amounts of time to parse through models and make hundreds or thousands of individually minute changes. This process is absolutely vital work: whether it be to sense-check code to remove segments that may potentially introduce errors, cut down the risk of memory leaks, or save CPU core cycles and countless kilowatt hours of power consumption. Many companies are thus investing heavily in huge teams of software and hardware engineers to do manual code optimisation to improve the speed of models while not compromising on accuracy. And ultimately, it'll finally make AI viable at scale through taking away the most mundane and repetitive part of the process – and freeing up devs and teams to do far more interesting work.

Artificial Intelligence proved to be a Game-Changer in 21st Century


Artificial Intelligence 2021 and Machine Learning are the most common and most used technical terms in the 21st century. Now Artificial Intelligence has started occupying the world stage with smart functionalities. There would be no doubt that Artificial Intelligence can transform the productivity and workflow of multiple industries across the world. There is also a major and constant concern which is related to human job opportunities in the upcoming years. Organizations are realizing the need for Artificial Intelligence to collaborate with human employees and ample job opportunities that are coming up. The cutting edge technology is giving a competitive edge to the organizations in the cut-throat competitive market which is tech-driven.

Artificial Intelligence as a Game-Changer in 21st Century


Being the most common and vibrant technical term in the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence has started reigning the world stage with its smart functionalities. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is transforming the productivity and workflow of multiple industries across the world. But there is also a constant concern related to human job opportunities in the upcoming years. Gradually organizations have realized that Artificial Intelligence needs to collaborate with human employees and ample job opportunities are coming up for that. This cutting-edge technology is providing a competitive edge to organizations in the cut-throat competitive tech-driven market.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Game-Changer for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing


The best example is a welcome email that's automatically sent to new customers or mailing list subscribers. Welcome emails are a crucial step in the customer journey, and they typically see the highest open rates (60 to 70 percent) of any marketing communication. These highly effective emails are educational in nature, highlighting the brand value, mission, and product superiority. Yet many small businesses don't take advantage of this touch point, as this could be a manual step. Automating this first greeting not only saves time, it also guarantees that the user enjoys a positive first experience with the brand.

Will AI And Blockchain Be Game-Changers?


Pic: Getty ImagesArtificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies - three terms you need to scatter through your conversation if you want to come across as a tech guru. On Tech Tent this week we examine these trends and ask a futurologist to predict which of them will make rapid progress over the next decade. This week saw another major achievement by Google's Deep Mind, when it showed that a neural network could learn to play Go in just three days, without even looking at how humans play this complex game. AlphaGo Zero took on the previous version of the program, developed with human expertise, and beat it by 100 games to nil. The company now hopes to use this technique in other areas such as drug development.

AI Apps All Set To Be The Game-Changers For Various Industries


Technology has taken over the world, with every day ushering in innovations at various levels. Artificial intelligence is the tech buzzword of the current times as it is poised to take machine functionality to a new level. As the name suggests, AI is the capability of machines to mimic and even improve on the human brain's cognitive abilities. The technology capitalizes on the superior computational abilities of machines as they are well-equipped to handle huge amounts of data and use it for decision-making. With such extensive benefits, AI serves as a dependable technology for enterprises across industries.