Amazon Launches New Device to Watch You Dress

#artificialintelligence Inc., seeking a bigger slice of the clothing market, is casting itself as a style adviser.

Humanity could face a 'gorilla problem' as AI evolves

Daily Mail

While some have embraced the rise of artificial intelligence, one expert is warning that technology could soon land humans in a'gorilla problem' if we're not careful.

How to Talk to Your Data Scientist


Machine learning is poised to help marketers garner phenomenal new insights and results, and to change many processes and jobs along the way. We discussed this potential in "Machine Learning is About to Turn the Marketing World Upside Down."

Apple AI Expert Says Computers Should Augment Human Failings


Tuesday April 25, 2017 12:29 pm PDT by Juli Clover Apple product designer and Siri co-founder Tom Gruber gave a TED Talk today, where he covered his vision of the future of computers and artificial intelligence. "It's the difference between a life of isolation and one of dignity and connection," he said.Privacy, is of course, a key part of artificial intelligence and future computing capabilities. Apple has already taken the first steps towards linking artificial intelligence and memory, with its Photos app. It also incorporates facial recognition and deep levels of privacy - facial recognition features are not cross-device and do not sync over iCloud.

Babylon puts a doctor in the machine - BBC News


Imagine a doctor you could consult at any time, describing your symptoms and then getting a speedy and accurate diagnosis - all in a smartphone app.

Why Artificial Intelligence Still Needs A Human Touch


How do we distinguish between fact and falsehood? This is perhaps, one of the most debated questions of the past year. Google and Facebook are both in the spotlight for disseminating so-called "fake news", despite the artificial intelligence (AI) systems that these companies developed and deploy on their platforms. If AI is currently struggling to discern facts from fiction, could it be that human intelligence is still a necessary component for the continued successful integration of AI?

Artificial intelligence as a driver for innovation


Though still in its infancy, artificial intelligence already is changing the world. However, it's not just about what the technology itself can do, but what it enables people to do -- what new doors it can open. AI presents government agencies with new opportunities to innovate that previously may have been impossible.

AI could evolve to hack ITSELF, John McAfee warns

Daily Mail

Artificial intelligence systems that can hack themselves to improve their capabilities are not only possible at this point, but would be'trivial' to create, a security expert has warned.