Moving Beyond the Turing Test with the Allen AI Science Challenge

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The competition aimed to assess the state of the art in AI systems utilizing natural language understanding and knowledge-based reasoning; how accurately the participants' models could answer the exam questions would serve as an indicator of how far the field has come in these areas. A week before the end of the competition, we provided the final test set of 21,298 questions (including the validation set) to participants to use to produce a final score for their models, of which 2,583 were legitimate. AI2 also generated a baseline score using a Lucene search over the Wikipedia corpus, producing scores of 40.2% on the training set and 40.7% on the final test set. His model achieved a final score of 59.31% correct on the test question set of 2,583 questions using a combination of 15 gradient-boosting models, each with a different subset of features.

Artificial Intelligence In Education: Don't Ignore It, Harness It!


For instance, Content Technologies Inc., a U.S.-based artificial intelligence research and development company is leveraging deep learning to deliver customized books. The company launched Cram101 and JustFact101 to turn decades-old text books into smart and relevant learning guides, making study time efficient. The feedback helps teachers determine exact learning needs and skills gap of each student and provide supplemental guidance. "Innovations that commoditize some elements of teacher expertise also supply the tools to raise the effectiveness of both non-experts and expert teachers to new heights and to adapt to the new priorities of a 21st-century work force and education system", writes Arnett in his report Teaching in the Machine Age In this report, Arnett also elaborates AI's potential to recognize and develop high-potential prospective teachers.

Robot Process Automation: Reality of execution vs perception of future


With Robotic Process Automation (RPA) finding a purposeful and powerful friend in analytics, it can only turn into a bigger deal. Because it is clear that process automation is the next logical step in the future of customer experience. Involve the IT team and SMEs: Ensure that your IT team understands why process automation tools are different from other tools in terms of security and deployment measures. Assess availability of in-house skills: Several skills are required, including the selection of suitable processes, best-suited tools, how to set it up, building and testing, writing necessary scripts, monitoring run times and more.

Robotbenchmark lets you program simulated robots from your browser


Cyberbotics Ltd. is launching to allow everyone to program simulated robots online for free. About Cyberbotics Ltd.: Cyberbotics is a Swiss-based company, spin-off from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, specialized in the development of robotics simulation software. About the Human Brain Project: The Human Brain Project is a large ten-year scientific research project that aims to build a collaborative ICT-based scientific research infrastructure to allow researchers across the globe to advance knowledge in the fields of neuroscience, computing, neurorobotics, and brain-related medicine. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, it is coordinated by the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and is largely funded by the European Union.

UX for conversational interfaces – Chatbot News Daily


In short AI refers to a machine that mimics cognitive human functions such as learning and problem solving. The first interaction challenge is getting the conversation started. When they have had enough of trying to make things work with a machine they will want to speak to a real person. People responded well to a conversation that was fast, simple and purposeful.

Artificial Intelligence Needs a Strong Data Foundation


Similar to Maslow's hierarchy, data science advisor Monica Rogati has developed a similar pyramid to illustrate that while most firms are striving for the top of the data science hierarchy of needs (artificial intelligence), many more basic requirements must first be met. Remember, in many cases, the application of your AI and deep learning will be to improve the customer's banking experience, provide proactive financial recommendations and/or be applied to fraud and risk avoidance. Transforming data into insights is the highest stage that many financial services organizations ever reach in the data pyramid. But if you are collecting the needed real-time data, that is organized, clean, tested and optimized, it is time to test machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.

FinTech, AI and the fourth Industrial Age


To remain competitive, there is a growing need to use and master complex AI tools, adapt to new forms of convergence through collaboration and develop meaningful client relationships through new forms of customer centricity. Though banking has a long history of resisting modern methodologies -- agile development, cloud computing, advanced analytics, predictive onboarding, open platforms, hypertargeting and external data harvesting -- AI is one area the industry simply must embrace. If the FinTech industry fails to be more open to building new forms of customer value, efforts toward leveraging broader platforms will simply fail to materialize. Advanced tools now provide the industry with more capabilities to provide intelligent, personalized advice to offer new forms of customer advocacy beyond traditional services.

What is Machine Learning?


Machine learning is perhaps the principal technology behind two emerging domains: data science and artificial intelligence. Whether it's manufacturing or logistics, efficiency can be improved by automating components of the processes to improve the flow of goods. In these processing pipelines, manufacturing, logistics or data management, the overall pipeline normally also requires human intervention from an operator. In information processing settings these atoms require emulation of our cognitive skills.

The Future Of Sales Is Coming: How To Prepare For AI Adoption


Respondents to the study gave their companies an average of 3.2 points on a five-point scale in terms of their abilities to use customer insights, while their abilities to integrate customer data across channels to improve decision-making got a 3.4 on a seven-point scale. "Almost every sales team faces two common growth challenges: prioritizing inbound leads and identifying relevant net-new prospects that look like their best customers" "You need comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate sales intelligence that seamlessly addresses these two challenges. Jonathan Gray is the senior vice president of marketing and leader of business development and marketing services for Revana, TeleTech's Growth Services division. His team oversees marketing analytics and integrated marketing services programs that automate electronic marketing strategies on behalf of industry-leading clients.

Transforming from Autonomous to Smart: Reinforcement Learning Basics – InFocus Blog Dell EMC Services


With the rapid increases in computing power, it's easy to get seduced into thinking that raw computing power can solve problems like smart edge devices (e.g., cars, trains, airplanes, wind turbines, jet engines, medical devices). In chess, the complexity of the chess piece only increases slightly (rooks can move forward and sideways a variable number of spaces, bishops can move diagonally a variable number of spaces, etc. Now think about the number and breadth of "moves" or variables that need to be considered when driving a car in a nondeterministic (random) environment: weather (precipitation, snow, ice, black ice, wind), time of day (day time, twilight, night time, sun rise, sun set), road conditions (pot holes, bumpy, slick), traffic conditions (number of vehicles, types of vehicles, different speeds, different destinations). It's nearly impossible for an autonomous car manufacturer to operate enough vehicles in enough different situations to generate the amount of data that can be virtually gathered by playing against Grand Theft Auto.