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Council Post: Three Crucial Alignments To Enable Success In Automation And AI Initiatives


Stephen Chen is Senior Vice President, Technology & Security, for NuCompass Mobility, a global relocation management company. Covid-19 and efforts to eradicate it will have a lasting impact on both employers and employees worldwide. As the U.S. and other countries recover, it's clear that the way we work has changed significantly and permanently. As they struggle with labor shortages, many companies are turning to automation because it's impossible to hire their way out of the situation. According to Forrester's Predictions, 2021: "Advances in AI, changes to work patterns, and a fierce global recession have made this drive for automation inevitable -- and irreversible."

'Dune' director focuses on sci-fi classic's environmental message

Boston Herald

VENICE LIDO, Italy – When the highly anticipated remake of Frank Herbert's influential '60s novel world premiered in September at the Venice Film Festival, it was "Dune -- Part 1." Now as Denis Villeneuve's lauded adaptation opens nationwide, it's simply "Dune" -- maybe because no one knows if there will be a concluding Part 2. "The biggest challenge," said Villeneuve ("Sicario," "Arrival") "is that the book is so rich and its strength is all in its details. I had to find equilibrium for someone who doesn't know the book at all and be as cinematic as possible. So that they will need to understand the movie without crushing them with exposition. So the ideas could follow the story." "Dune" is set far into a future where Oscar Isaac's Duke rules the kingdom of Atreides.

Defying the odds!


The phrase "overcoming the odds" is an understatement for 24-year-old Joshua Burgess. Though born with congenital rubella syndrome, which has caused him to suffer from a number of health challenges over the years, he continues to break barriers. On September 28, Burgess participated in the prestigious UNESCO Information for All Programme's (IFAP) Second Artificial Intelligence for Information Accessibility (AI4IA) Conference, where he spoke about'Openness and Inclusivity for the Disabled Community in a New Era'. "My presentation reflected my views as a young, blind Jamaican also living with chronic hearing loss. It was important for me to note that, while I have benefited from artificial intelligence's (AI) ability to help me integrate into society, it is also important for us to recognise that it is not a one-size-fits-all. We must collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure openness, inclusivity, fairness, and accessibility for everyone," said Burgess.

Genetic algorithms: Biologically inspired, fast-converging optimization


As you can see, beyond the details and the actual exact probability, the chances of any individual (but the first) are decreasing exponentially with k (while polynomially with m). It goes without saying that we need to apply tournament selection twice to get the pair of parents we need to generate a single element in the new population. Roulette wheel selection is definitely more complicated to implement than tournament selection, but the high-level idea is the same: higher-fitness individuals must have more chances to be selected. As we have seen, in tournament selection the probability that an element with low fitness is chosen decreases polynomially with the rank of the element (its position in the list of organisms sorted by fitness); in particular, since the probability will be O([(n-m)/n]k) the decrease will be super-linear, because k is certainly greater than 1. If, instead, we would like for lower-fitness elements to get a real chance of being selected, we could resort to a fairer selection method.

MIT Uses AI To Accelerate the Discovery of New Materials for 3D Printing


Researchers at MIT and BASF have developed a data-driven system that accelerates the process of discovering new 3D printing materials that have multiple mechanical properties. A new machine-learning system costs less, generates less waste, and can be more innovative than manual discovery methods. The growing popularity of 3D printing for manufacturing all sorts of items, from customized medical devices to affordable homes, has created more demand for new 3D printing materials designed for very specific uses. To cut down on the time it takes to discover these new materials, researchers at MIT have developed a data-driven process that uses machine learning to optimize new 3D printing materials with multiple characteristics, like toughness and compression strength. By streamlining materials development, the system lowers costs and lessens the environmental impact by reducing the amount of chemical waste.

A "New Nobel" -- Computer Scientist Wins $1 Million Artificial Intelligence Prize


Whether protecting against surges on electric networks, locating designs amongst previous criminal offenses, or even improving sources in the treatment of significantly bad people, Duke University computer system expert Cynthia Rudin desires expert system (AI) to reveal its own job. When it is actually creating choices that profoundly impact individuals's lifestyles, particularly. " I would like to give thanks to AAAI and also Squirrel AI for making this honor that I understand will definitely be actually a game-changer for the area," Rudin pointed out. "To possess a'Nobel Prize' for artificial intelligence to assist culture creates it ultimately crystal clear undeniably that this subject matter -- AI help the advantage for community -- is really significant." Dark container designs are actually the contrast of Rudin's straightforward codes.

SMARTTECH 2022 - The Second International Conference of Smart Systems and Emerging Technologies


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Morrisons takeover: Bradford retail giant in the bagging area

BBC News

Asked if she was concerned about debt-loading, a tactic some private equity firms have been accused of using to increase profits from their acquisitions, Ms Hinchcliffe replies: "I'm a Labour party politician, so that's something I'm not particularly fond of, however, I'm not running a major UK supermarket and we have to be mindful there's a market out there local politicians can't really influence."

COVID-19: Implications for business


The Delta variant of the coronavirus spread to more countries in recent weeks, and the total number of cases officially logged soared past half a million per day. The global number of deaths is now about two-thirds as high as it was at the peak of the previous wave, in April of this year. As the virus spreads, the potential rises for a vaccine-resistant strain to emerge. Meanwhile, in poorer countries, vaccines are scarce, and most populations are little protected (exhibit).