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Intelligence in "Artificial" Wireless


The background of the presentation is a perspective on the development of wireless technology from 2000 to 2010. The foreground of the presentation is a contrasted understanding of intelligence in "natural" wireless (human communication) versus "artificial" wireless (communication between devices). Invited talk, presented at The Twelfth Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI-2000), Austin, TX, August, 2000.

Notes on a schema for stories


Northwestern students who are interested in changing their major, or simply sampling the computer science field, can take individual introductory courses.

The traveling salesman problem and minimum spanning trees


This paper explores new approaches to the symmetric traveling-salesman problem in which 1-trees, which are a slight variant of spanning trees, play an essential role. A 1-tree is a tree together with an additional vertex connected to the tree by two edges. We observe that (i) a tour is precisely a 1-tree in which each vertex has degree 2, (ii) a minimum 1-tree is easy to compute, and (iii) the transformation on “intercity distances” cij → Cij + πi + πj leaves the traveling-salesman problem invariant but changes the minimum 1-tree. Operations Research, 18, 1138–1162.