Goel, Ashok K.

Integrating Case-Based and Model-Based Reasoning: A Computational Model of Design Problem Solving

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My Ph.D. dissertation (Goel 1989) presents a computational model of experience-based design. It first reviews the core issues in experience-based design, for example, (1) the content of a design experience (or case), (2) the internal organization of design cases, (3) the language for indexing the cases, (4) the mechanism for retrieving a case relevant to a given design task, (5) the mechanism for adapting a retrieved design to satisfy the constraints of the design task, (6) the mechanism for evaluating a design against the specification of the design task, (7) the mechanism for redesigning a failed design, (8) the mechanism for acquiring new design knowledge, (9) the mechanism for chunking information about a design into a new case, and (10) the mechanism for storing a new case in memory for potential reuse in the future. It then proposes that decisions about these issues might lie in the designer's comprehension of the designs of artifacts he/she has encountered in the past, that is, in his/her mental models of how the designs achieve the functions and satisfy the constraints of the artifacts.

Basic Artificial Intelligence Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology

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AI research is conducted at a number of academic and research units at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Some of this research is basic in nature, and some has an applied character to it. This article briefly describes basic AI research in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech.