'Legacy of Thieves' brings Uncharted's Hollywood spectacles to the PS5 right in time for the red carpet

Washington Post - Technology News 

For the first-timers here, "A Thief's End" is the award-winning final act of Nathan Drake's story. I'll tip-toe around the plot details and just write that in the beginning of the game, which originally released in 2016, Drake is cajoled out of retirement to go on one last hunt for a long-dead pirate's treasure. "The Lost Legacy," which Naughty Dog released a year later, follows Chloe Fraizer and Nadine Ross -- two of the most compelling characters in the series -- on their own adventure through the Western Ghats, a mountain range on the southwest coast of India. Neither of these games is going to spoil whatever happens in Tom Holland's adventure as Nathan Drake. Sony has said that the movie "took inspiration from the games" but the story line is "completely unique."