The Use of Dynamic Writing Information in a Connectionist On-Line Cursive Handwriting Recognition System

Manke, Stefan, Finke, Michael, Waibel, Alex

Neural Information Processing Systems 

This system combines a robust input representation, which preserves the dynamic writing information, with a neural network architecture, a so called Multi-State Time Delay Neural Network (MS-TDNN), which integrates rec.ognition and segmentation ina single framework. Our preprocessing transforms the original coordinate sequence into a (still temporal) sequence offeature vectors,which combine strictly local features, like curvature or writing direction, with a bitmap-like representation of the coordinate's proximity.The MS-TDNN architecture is well suited for handling temporal sequences as provided by this input representation. Oursystem is tested both on writer dependent and writer independent tasks with vocabulary sizes ranging from 400 up to 20,000 words. For example, on a 20,000 word vocabulary we achieve word recognition rates up to 88.9% (writer dependent) and 84.1 % (writer independent) without using any language models.

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