Geospatial Analyses & Remote Sensing : from Beginner to Pro


Geospatial Data Analyses & Remote Sensing: 5 Classes in 1 Do you need to design a GIS map or satellite-imagery based map for your Remote Sensing or GIS project but you don't know how to do this? Have you heard about Remote Sensing object-based image analysis and machine learning or maybe QGIS or Google Earth Engine but did not know where to start with such analyses? Do you find Remote Sensing and GIS manuals too not practical and looking for a course that takes you by hand, teach you all the concepts, and get you started on a real-life GIS mapping project? I'm very excited that you found my Practical Geospatial Masterclass on Geospatial Data Analyses & Remote Sensing. This course provides and information that is usually delivered in 4 separate Geospatial Data Analyses & Remote Sensing courses, and thus you with learning all the necessary information to start and advance with Geospatial analysis and includes more than 9 hours of video content, plenty of practical analysis, and downloadable materials.

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