Huge Facebook leak that contains information about 500 million people came from abuse of contacts tool, company says

The Independent - Tech 

Facebook says that a vast trove of personal information, uploaded freely to the internet, was harvested as part of a feature gone wrong. The data was not stolen in a hack but instead through malicious users of its "contact importer", it said. Though that feature was intended to allow people to upload their contacts from their phone to Facebook, and find people they might know, malicious actors were able to use it to scrape the personal information of people who were already on the platform. That happened before September 2019, Facebook said in a blog post, and the bug that made it possible has now been fixed. But over the weekend it became clear that the data had become availably publicly online, vastly increasing the risk that anyone involved in it might face. That includes 535 million accounts, which belong to people including chief executive Mark Zuckerberg.

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