What Should Kids Study For A Robotic And AI Future?


My wife, who rounds in the hospital and teaches, often tells me that if more people really understood what the medical professionals see and what they must do, this just might alter their perspective on how they lead their lives. With real experience often comes better understanding. And yet, when you can't fully experience something, perhaps the best alternative is to learn from someone who is able to clearly and compellingly teach. Arriving Today, by distinguished science writer and Wall Street Journal technology columnist Christopher Mims, is one of those books that is able to tell the incredible story of what happens when you order a new USB charger, from the point of origin to the point of delivery, on that UPS truck. Imagine watching a movie where you follow this USB, and as you journey to each new location Christopher teaches you chapter by chapter about the history of technology, the origins of the ideas behind what he sees, the numbers that back them all up, and the stories of the people who are impacted greatly by all of this.

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