Fujifilm bets big on IoT, AI in its medical products


Fujifilm India is eyeing double-digit growth every year from now, against the 9-10 per cent growth it has been clocking over the past few years, largely driven by an expansion of its medical products business. This would entail a shift in focus to offering medical solutions through Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled products. While the company has not invested in any manufacturing facility at the moment, it may consider setting up one here in the future for IoT- and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled medical products, considering the huge potential in India, Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India, told BusinessLine. Some of the company's IoT application software is already being developed in India, he added. Going forward, Fujifilm India's primary focus will be on offering healthcare solutions through AI and IoT, he said.

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