Top Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers for 2017


According to a list released by the popular job portal on 30 fastest growing jobs in technology- With the demand for machine learning engineers and data scientists outstripping the supply, organizations are finding it difficult to hire skilled talent and so are prospective candidates for machine learning jobs finding it difficult to crack a machine learning interview. Machine learning is a broad field and there are no specific machine learning interview questions that are likely to be asked during a machine learning engineer job interview because the machine learning interview questions asked will focus on the open job position the employer is trying to fill. For instance, if you consider a machine learning engineer job role for finance vs. a robotics job, both of them will be completely different in terms of data, architecture and the responsibilities involved. Machine learning engineer job role for robotics will require a candidate to focus working on Neural Networks based architecture while the machine learning tasks for finance will focus working more on Linear and Logistic regression algorithms. A machine learning interview is definitely not a pop quiz and one must know what to expect going in.

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