Genevieve Bell and David Thodey push for AI ethics body


High profile Australian business and technology leaders Genevieve Bell and David Thodey are backing a push to create a new organisation to lead the development of an ethical framework for artificial intelligence. In an open letter to be released on Friday, Ms Bell and Mr Thodey say there are significant challenges that need to be addressed as AI becomes more commonplace, be it the further entrenchment of discrimination on the basis of gender or "minority status", creating "ethical algorithms for autonomous vehicles, bias in AI-powered hiring processes" or "the impact of fake news bots". They are joined by other notable industry figures such as H2 Ventures founding partner Toby Heap, Fujitsu Australia chief executive Mike Foster and KPMG Innovate national leader James Mabbott as being signatories to the open letter. Genevieve Bell is one of the leaders pushing for an AI body. Mr Mabbott said while the opportunities and benefits of AI were unprecedented, there were very real community concerns about how AI is adopted, relating to privacy, sustainability and quality of life.

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