A 2021 NLP Retrospective


Every company that derives value from language stands to benefit from NLP, the branch of machine learning that has the most transformative potential. Language is the lowest common denominator in almost all of our interactions, and the ways in which we can capture value from language has changed dramatically over the last three years. Recent advancements in NLP have outsized potential to accelerate business performance. It even has the promise of bringing trust and integrity back to our online interactions. Large incumbents have been the first to jump onboard, but the real promise lies in the next wave of NLP applications and tools that will translate the hype around artificial intelligence from ideology into reality. So, there you have it, these are my personal highlights of 2021 in NLP. I hope you enjoyed this summary and it'd be great to hear about your personal highlights from the past 12 months in NLP. Please comment on this blog post or reach out directly.

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