Innovation Trailblazers Webinar Series - Insurance Accelerated - Digitally Powering Growth - Digital Distribution - 2022 - Silicon Valley Insurance Accelerator


This series explores the accelerating digital strategies leaders are using to expand, integrate, and empower distribution channels to deliver greater value and better experiences to insureds while driving growth, efficiencies, and profits for insurers and their partners. Machine learning & AI are being used by digital leaders to help them increase distribution effectiveness by improving the insured experience, and to optimize channel management & processes. Join thought leaders as they discuss the strategies, results and lessons learned by those on the leading edge. One of InsurTech's top influencers, author, speaker and consultant in connected insurance, innovation, transformation and leadership. Insurance expert with 30 Yrs Sr. leadership experience in marketing, underwriting, claims, ops., reinsurance, analytics, & technology.

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