Experiences in ML Scaling, ML Project Delivery in Healthcare - AI Trends


Experiences with AI and machine learning at CVS Health and St. Luke's Health System in Boise, Idaho, are having practical benefits to the two organizations. CVS Health is learning how to scale AI applications using machine learning, especially through the house of machine learning operations (MLOps) tools, according to Nels Lindahl, director of Clinical Decision Systems, speaking in a virtual session at the recent Ai4 Conference held virtually recently. And St. Luke's Health Center put a COVID-19 prediction program, a supply chain purchase engine and a demand-based staffing application into initial production using AI and machine learning, said Dr. Justin Smith, senior director of advanced analytics at St. Luke's, also at a recent Ai4 virtual conference session. "We are at an MLOps tipping point, where ML has a growing production footprint, with adoption picking up pace and awareness and understanding at an all-time high," stated Lindahl. "ML tech can now deliver; people are seeing real use cases in the wild and having them grow; it's real."

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