Daniel Ek, Defense Tech and Why Some Artists Have Joined a Call to 'Boycott Spotify'


With his 2,141 SoundCloud followers, veteran U.K. psychedelic-music producer Darren Sangita didn't exactly wound Spotify when he pulled his music from the streaming service last month. "I'm a zed-list music celebrity," he says. But he couldn't support a company whose founder, Daniel Ek, invested more than $114 million in Helsing, a European security startup that manufactures artificial-intelligence software to "keep liberal democracies from harm." "The circumstantial evidence points to a massive investment in military/AI tech," says Sangita, who runs indie label Sangita Sounds. "I was just enormously disappointed. Are there not any other alternatives that Mr. Ek could have possibly thought about investing in to make the world a more beautiful and perhaps a safer place to live?"

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