[D] Invitation to help address AI misrepresentation and misconceptions


TLDR: I run a site to debunk misconceptions of AI news, pls positive response, so hope bringing it up again now that we could use more help is fine. As I posted before, for more than 3 years I've been running this thing called Skynet Today (the name is meant to be ironic/news-y), with the mission of "Putting AI News In Perspective", or in other words debunk inaccurate portrayals of AI research in media and also put out articles that put things in perspective. As many people here are researchers and feel annoyed at hype/misconceptions about AI, I wonder if any of you might want to join our effort. We are basically a couple of grad students doing this in our spare time, and have not put out any new articles in a while due to being busy / not having much help (writing is a lot of work!). If interested, please consider taking a look at our contribution survey, or just message me.

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