OpenAI and the road to text-guided image generation: DALL·E, CLIP, GLIDE, DALL·E 2 (unCLIP)


The first version of DALL·E was a GPT-3 style transformer decoder that autoregressively generated a 256 256 image based on textual input and an optional beginning of the image. If you want to understand how a GPT-like transformer works, here is a great visual explanation by Jay Alammar. A text is encoded by BPE-tokens (max. Because of the dVAE, some details and high-frequency features are lost in generated images, so some blurriness and smoothness are the features of the DALL·E-generated images. The transformer is a large model with 12B parameters. It consisted of 64 sparse transformer blocks with a complicated set of attention mechanisms inside, consisting of 1) classical text-to-text masked attention, 2) image-to-text attention, and 3) image-to-image sparse attention.

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