AI Standards Hub – a new UK initiative


The Alan Turing Institute, supported by the British Standards Institution (BSI) and the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), will pilot a new UK government initiative with the goal of helping to shape global technical standards for artificial intelligence. This initiative, called the "AI Standards Hub" will be tasked with creating practical tools for businesses, bringing the UK's AI community together through a new online platform, and developing educational materials to help organisations contribute, develop and meet global standards. The Hub is part of the UK national AI strategy. Ahead of the pilot's launch, there will be a series of roundtables with a wide range of organisations led by The Alan Turing Institute to shape the Hub's activities. The move follows the December 2021 launch of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation's (CDEI) roadmap to an effective AI assurance ecosystem, which is also part of the National AI Strategy.

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