Advancement of artificial intelligence opens health data privacy to attack


Improvements in artificial intelligence hold the potential to put personal health data at risk, a new study shows. Advances in artificial intelligence have created new threats to the privacy of health data, a new UC Berkeley study shows. The study, led by professor Anil Aswani of the Industrial Engineering & Operations Research Department (IEOR) in the College of Engineering and his team, suggests current laws and regulations are nowhere near sufficient to keep an individual's health status private in the face of AI development. The research was released today on JAMA Network Open. In the work, which was funded in part by UC Berkeley's Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, Aswani shows that by using artificial intelligence, it is possible to identify individuals by learning daily patterns in step data (like that collected by activity trackers, smartwatches and smartphones) and correlating it to demographic data.

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