Nintendo considers making controllers for its smartphone games

The Independent - Tech 

With five gaming apps planned for release before March 2017, it's clear that Nintendo has big plans for the mobile gaming market, plans which it now appears could possibly involve the company creating its very own mobile gaming controller. So far Nintendo's mobile offerings have been the social media communication app Miitomo and the yet to be released mobile versions of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. None of these titles have mechanics that really cry out for controller support, however, notes taken at the company's recent 76th annual general shareholders meeting revealed that Nintendo is considering developing hardware as well as software as part of its mobile gaming venture. Though not the first time Mario ever appeared (he was originally called Jumpman in a Donkey Kong game) but this 1985 platformer on the NES was praised for "resurrecting a crashed American video game market" - it was the best ever selling video game up until Wii Sports took the title in 2006. As the first outing for Samus Aran in 1986, the female protagonist bounty hunter was said to be hugely inspired by Ridley Scott's 1979 horror film Alien.