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Open-sourcing simulators for driverless cars


"You put a car on the road which may be driving by the letter of the law, but compared to the surrounding road users, it's acting very conservatively. This can lead to situations where the autonomous car is a bit of a fish out of water," said Motional's Karl Iagnemma. Autonomous vehicles have control systems that learn how to emulate safe steering controls in a variety of situations based on real-world datasets of human driving trajectories. However, it is extremely hard to program the decision-making process given the infinite possible scenarios on real roads. Meanwhile, real-world data on "edge cases" (such as nearly crashing or being forced off the road) are hard to come by.

What Are Deep Learning Embedded Systems And Its Benefits - Onpassive


In recent years, deep learning has been a driving force in advance of artificial intelligence. Deep learning is an approach to artificial intelligence in which a neural network – an interconnected group of simple processing units – is trained with data that are adjusted until it performs a task with maximum efficiency. In this article, we'll talk about deep learning embedded systems and how they can help your organization by improving efficiencies in processes ranging from manufacturing to customer experience. Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that uses artificial neural networks to simulate how the brain learns. Neural networks are algorithms that use large amounts of data to understand patterns.

Two in five UK Nintendo Switch owners have experienced Joy-Con 'drift', survey reveals

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Owners of the popular Nintendo Switch games console have been left footing hefty bills to replace faulty Joy-Con controllers because of a flaw in the technology, according to a new report. Since the Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017, there have been many reports of'Joy-Con drift', where the console registers movement even when players are not touching the controllers. Now a survey by Which? has revealed that one in five Nintendo Switch Classic owners in the UK have experienced the problem. The consumer watchdog is calling on Nintendo to commission an independent investigation into the issue, and is urging the gaming giant to make the findings of any investigation public. Nintendo says the issue has only affected a small number of devices.

Controlling a Drone After Sudden Rotor Failure #ICRA2022 - Channel969


Dr. Sihao Solar discusses his award-winning analysis within the space of controlling the flight of a drone when confronted with a sudden rotor failure. Typical analysis on this space addressed the case the place one of many 4 rotors in a quadrotor all of a sudden, spontaneously stops working. This earlier analysis doesn't take into full account real-life eventualities the place rotor failure is frequent. This consists of collisions with different drones, partitions, birds, and working in degraded GPS environments. Dr. Sihao Solar is a postdoctoral analysis assistant on the Robotics and Notion Group (RPG) in College of Zurich directed by Prof. Davide Scaramuzza.

The 40 Best Memorial Day Deals on Tech, Gaming, Home, and More


Memorial Day is a major shopping holiday in the US, but nobody wants to spend their long weekend scrolling through marketing emails. Let us save you the trouble. We scoured the web to find actual deals on the gear WIRED reviewers recommend. Below, you'll find great sales on everything from video games to furniture. Don't forget to check back, as we'll be updating this story throughout the weekend. Be sure to check out our other Memorial Day deals coverage, including the Best Memorial Day Mattress Deals, Best Memorial Day Outdoors Deals, Best Masturbation May Sex Tech Deals, and Best REI Anniversary Sale Deals for more. Updated on May 30, 2022: We've added new deals on the Roku Express 4K and Samsung Galaxy A53. Special offer for Gear readers: Get a 1-year subscription to WIRED for $5 ($25 off).

Research Papers based on Model Predictive Control(Artificial Intelligence)


Abstract: Non-holonomic vehicles are of immense practical value and increasingly subject to automation. However, controlling them accurately, e.g., when parking, is known to be challenging for automatic control methods, including model predictive control (MPC). Combining results from MPC theory and sub-Riemannian geometry in the form of homogeneous nilpotent system approximations, this paper proposes a comprehensive, ready-to-apply design procedure for MPC controllers to steer controllable, driftless non-holonomic vehicles into given setpoints. It can be ascertained that the resulting controllers nominally asymptotically stabilize the setpoint for a large-enough prediction horizon. The design procedure is exemplarily applied to four vehicles, including the kinematic car and a differentially driven mobile robot with up to two trailers.

How AI and machine learning are reshaping the way transit systems move traffic patterns – REJournals


Of the many ways artificial intelligence and machine learning are poised to improve modern life, the promise of impacting mass transit is significant. The world is much different compared with the early days of the pandemic, and people around the world are again leveraging mobility and transit systems for work, leisure and more. Across the U.S., traditional mass transit systems including buses, subways and personal vehicles have returned to struggling through gridlock, rider levels and congestion. However, advanced AI and machine learning solutions built on cloud-based platforms are being deployed to reduce these frustrations. Transportation is one of the most important areas in which modern AI provides a significant advantage over conventional algorithms used in traditional transit system technology.

Microsoft Adaptive Mouse hands-on: Inclusively designed, infinitely customizable


The Xbox Adaptive Controller was Microsoft's first real attempt at making accessible hardware. And while it was very well-received, it didn't really impact non-gamers. Today, the company is launching a new product with a much wider audience: a mouse. The Microsoft Adaptive Mouse kit actually consists of a mouse, attachable tail, hub and button. They're modular and highly customizable, offering a wide variety of ways for people with different needs to interact with their laptops, tablets or phones.

The Guide #33: From Elden Ring to Tunic, 2022's best games so far

The Guardian

I'm Keza, the Guardian's friendly local video games editor (and writer of our games newsletter Pushing Buttons), taking over this week's Guide to fill you in on what's worth playing while you wait for the next episode of Better Call Saul to drop. Whether you're in the mood for a vibey skateboarding game, pretend badminton or a grand fantasy epic, 2022 has been very kind to us so far. You never know, I might be able to persuade you otherwise.) First up, a game that seems directly aimed at everyone who's ever taken a look at a Mondrian painting and said "But anyone could have done that": Please, Touch The Artwork (PC, smartphones) is a puzzle game about abstract art, telling the genre's origin story by letting you mess around with iconic paintings, trying to recreate their lines and colours. It makes you think about the art, how it's constructed and what it means, and it's also chill and unpressured, with no time limits or objectives to hurry you through.

Wyze's new smart garage controller monitors your door using a QR code


Wyze's new smart garage controller monitors your door using a QR code - 3 minutes read Smart garage door openers that rely on contact sensors can be unreliable for a variety of reasons. Wyze addresses this dilemma with its new garage door controller that uses "AI vision-sensing" technology to check whether the garage door is open or shut. The smart garage door controller ships as part of a $40 bundle that includes a Wyze Cam v3, one of the company's best indoor security cameras that regularly costs $30. Unlike other connected garage door controllers, Wyze's latest offering detects whether your door is open or closed by scanning for a QR code. The package includes a QR code sticker that you'll have to stick to the inside of the garage door.