AI Weekly: Samsung comes to terms with Bixby's second-class status


Samsung's Bixby assistant won't be the reason you buy (or don't buy) your next Samsung-manufactured smartphone, smart refrigerator, smart router, or smart speaker. And Samsung is finally coming to terms with that. This was the implicit thread underlying the 2019 Samsung Developer Conference (SDC), which kicked off in earnest on Tuesday at the San Jose Convention Center. Unlike last year, when Samsung announced new languages for Bixby (German, French, Italian, and Spanish), plus Bixby Marketplace for third-party voice apps, this year's enhancements were on the whole understated. Bixby Templates and Bixby Views make it easier for developers to create capsules (apps, in Samsung's vernacular) across a range of devices, while Natural Language Categories enable Bixby to recommend apps by context instead of name.

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