Serve Robotics' new autonomous sidewalk delivery robots don't require human assist – TechCrunch


Serve Robotics, an Uber spinout that builds sidewalk delivery robots, is deploying its next generation of robots that are capable of completing some commercial deliveries without a human in the loop, according to the startup. That means in certain operational design domains, or geofenced areas, Serve won't be relying on remote operators to teleassist robots or followers to trail behind the robots for safety. Most companies in the industry, like Coco, Starship Technologies and Kiwibot, lean on remote operators to monitor autonomous deliveries and take over driving in case the robot stops or needs help, so Serve's milestone is indeed a step toward progress in robotic deliveries. "The problem we have solved is that relying on teleoperation for safety means you must count on 100% reliable LTE networks and 100% mistake-free operators, both of which are impossible to achieve consistently," Ali Kashani, co-founder and CEO of Serve, told TechCrunch. "Consider what happens when a safety situation requires human attention, but the video is delayed or the connection has dropped? With Level 4 robots, humans are not needed to be in the loop to ensure safety."

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