Robot Microscopes, AI Bias Among IBM's 5 'Life in 2023' Predictions


AI-powered robot microscopes may save them: Small autonomous AI microscopes, networked in the cloud and deployed around the world, will continually monitor in real time the health of one of Earth's most important and threatened resource: water." But only unbiased AI will survive: Our AI systems are only as good as the data they're trained on. While biased data can inspire unfair results, IBM believes AI actually holds the key to helping us identify the prejudices hiding in our data – so we can build better systems, and become better humans. IBM researchers are already progressing a testing system to get us there." AI-powered robot microscopes may save them: Small autonomous AI microscopes, networked in the cloud and deployed around the world, will continually monitor in real time the health of one of Earth's most important and threatened resource: water."

Bitcoin: Cryptocurrency scammers sued by US Federal Trade Commission

The Independent

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Washington's consumer watchdog, has filed a lawsuit against two businesses it accuses of operating cryptocurrency pyramid schemes. The FTC is taking action against Bitcoin Funding Team and My7Network over what it defines as "chain referral" scams, in which participants pay upfront entry fees in order to be able to recommend others to follow suit. The companies allegedly promised customers who made an initial investment of just $100 (£71) that they could earn an $80,000 (£56,938) monthly income from doing so - although payouts seldom amounted to anything like that. The two businesses defrauded an estimated 30,000 people worldwide between them, the lawsuit alleges. "Bitcoin Funding Team's structure, which created a continual chain of recruitment and recruitment-related payments, ensured that few participants would obtain the results depicted or projected by the defendants," the FTC's complaint reads.

Watch: Toyota's Robot Beats Professional Basketball Players, Shoots With 100% Accuracy

International Business Times

Robotic advancements are being seen as a threat to the human aspect of things. Many experts think machines, which are built to be perfect, could one day replace humans in every field and take away all our jobs, but another optimistic group believes they would complement our lives. Though the future is unpredictable, one thing is pretty much clear -- machines are taking some giant leaps in all fields. We have already seen robots performing tasks like heavy weight lifting and high-precision surgeries and now, a new video shows a robot can even defeat professional basketball pros. Inspired by the lead character of Suramu Danku, a basketball-based Japanese comic book, the engineers at the company developed "Cue" to execute perfect free throws.

Next wave of hotel tech puts guest needs, control first By Robert Rauch, CHA – Hospitality Net


A continuously growing list of records, which are linked and secured using cryptography, a blockchain is resistant to modification and is an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions such as membership loyalty programs. In regard to pre-stay communications, we have used, which makes it easy for guests with reservations to share deals and tell friends about their upcoming stay. Another trend worth watching occurs just after rooms are booked. This began with metasearch giant, Kayak, and has led to a lack of room rate growth as hotels deal with the commodity mindset, where guests feel that they can get a better price if they continue to search. Google is adding a price tracker for hotels with which guests can receive price fluctuation alerts after booking, their apparent goal being to become a first-choice booking service rather than solely a search engine.

How Chatbots Can Help Your E-Commerce [Infographic]


Our idea of robots has changed over the years, and they are sounding more human than ever. In fact, you may have interacted with one recently without even knowing it. Chatbots are gaining in popularity, and an infographic by B2B product-comparison site Market Inspector explains why more companies are using chatbots and how they assisting in e-commerce transactions. Bots can help throughout the buyer's journey, the infographic explains. For example, they can send a welcome message and offer guidance when visitors first arrive on your site.

'Star Wars' droids point the way to NASA repair robots

FOX News

NASA's Valkyrie robot holds a little "Star Wars" BB-8. The "Star Wars" robots R2-D2 and BB-8 are the droids that NASA is looking for -- "astromechs" that can help repair spaceships on the fly, a NASA robotics engineer says. Future NASA robots might resemble humanoid droids such as C-3PO and K-2SO from the waist up, but have giant mechanical spidery legs from the waist down, the engineer added in a new piece for the journal Science Robotics. For more than 20 years, NASA has sought to develop robot assistants for astronauts. So far, they have developed three droids.

Productivity boost? Robots break new ground in the construction industry


Robots have moved into factories, warehouses, stores and even our homes. Tech startups are developing self-driving bulldozers, drones to inspect work sites and robot bricklayers. In this photo taken Jan. 26, 2018, Mike Moy, an assistant plant manager for Lehigh Hanson Cement Group, inspects a Kespry drone he uses to survey inventories of rock, sand and other building materials at a mining plant in Sunol, California. Robots are coming to a construction site near you. Tech startups are developing self-driving bulldozers, survey drones and bricklaying robots to help the construction industry boost productivity, speed and safety as it struggles to find enough skilled workers.

Twitter set to join Google in banning cryptocurrency advertising

The Independent

Twitter is reportedly about to join Google in banning cryptocurrency adverts. The social media site is "preparing to prohibit a range of cryptocurrency advertisements amid looming regulatory intervention in the sector", according to Sky News. The company is expected to prohibit advertising for initial coin offerings, token sales and wallets in order to protect consumers from scams. Google announced last week that it would be culling crypto-investment promotions from its search results from June as part of a crackdown on "deceptive content", a damning verdict on the emerging sector. That decision led to a downward slump in the value of all but two of CoinMarketCap's top 50 digicoins, underlining the volatility of virtual currencies and their susceptibility to wild fluctuations.

WATCH: A robot shoots a basketball with 100 percent accuracy


Its name is Cue, and if it challenges you to a game of H-O-R-S-E, you'd be wise to decline. Built by a team of Toyota engineers in their spare time, the 6'3" humanoid has reportedly taken more than 200,000 basketball shots with near-perfect accuracy. To put their robot to the test, the Toyota engineers enlisted a couple pro basketball players from a Japanese league to go head to head with the humanoid in a shooting contest. As the video above illustrates, it was no contest at all. The term "automatic" is often applied to human players who seem to effortlessly dial in on the basket every time.

Cambridge Analytica: Whistleblower suspended from Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

The Independent

Christopher Wylie, the man at the centre of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, has had his account suspended by Facebook. The whistleblower has accused his former employers of harvesting personal information from more than 50m American Facebook users in order to pass it on to third parties affiliated with the Donald Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, enabling them to microtarget potential swing voters with tailored party political advertising. Wylie told The Observer that the start-up he once worked for had used data originally collected from the Facebook pages of paid participants in an academic study and those of their wider friendship networks in order to pass it on to Trump's then-campaign manager Steve Bannon for strategic purposes. The whistleblower joined Twitter in the run-up to the story's publication and tweeted yesterday that Facebook had disabled his account. On something they have known privately for 2 years.