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How Has Artificial Intelligence Risen in the Healthcare Sector


Artificial intelligence seems to have transformed almost all the sectors across the world. On that note, healthcare sector has seen immense transformations over the years and the extent to which life has become convenient cannot be merely put into words. With 2020 being a year full of challenges especially on the healthcare front, not praising the healthcare sector for how it stood as a pillar is just not justified. Not surprising though, this sector has a plethora of opportunities that leverage technology to be deployed, hence paving way for Artificial Intelligence to explore a lot more areas. Having said that, AI has led to a lot of developments in the healthcare sector, making life simpler like never before.

The best tech of CES 2021 isn't real


Even though CES 2021 was fully virtual, we still saw tons of new devices, including laptops, drones, TVs, wearables, smart home gadgets, and more. But this was also the year we saw a lot of product concepts. You see, the "beauty" of shows like CES is the ability write about our hands-on experiences with products. But since we couldn't roam the halls of CES in person this year, it was the perfect time for brands to announce gadgets that weren't ready for store shelves. And, it turns out these concepts were actually the best tech of CES, too.

Masks, sanitizers, and social distancing gadgets: The COVID tech that dominated CES 2021


With virtual booths and digital portals taking the place of convention center halls and showcases, CES in the time of coronavirus looked different. So did some of the tech. COVID-oriented tech products stood out at this year's CES. Some brands debuted new products made for the pandemic, others found that items they'd been working on all along now have newfound applications and relevance. But is "COVID tech" really necessary? After all, the best way to slow the spread of the virus is to practice social distancing and wear a face mask, which can be as simple as a bandana or a repurposed old T-shirt -- fundamentally low-tech strategies.

Interview with Guillem Alenyà – discussing assistive robotics, human-robot interaction, and more


His research activities include assistive robotics, robot adaptation, human-robot interactions and grasping of deformables. We spoke about some of the projects he is involved in and his plans for future work. The SOCRATES project is about quality of interaction between robots and users, and our role is focussed on adapting the robot behaviour to user needs. We have concentrated on a very nice use case: cognitive training of mild dementia patients. We are working with a day-care facility in Barcelona and asked if we could provide some technological help for the caregiver.

Back to work? Say hi to the new office robot


Clean is king during the pandemic, and that germ-conscious mentality, along with the prevalence of masks and hand sanitizer, likely won't go away once vaccines are distributed en masse. For robotics developers, promoting employee and customer confidence in the workplace through new health and safety tools is a prominent business priority for 2021. The clearest example is the surge in disinfecting robots, which were a niche product relegated primarily to the healthcare market prior to last year. Now businesses of all stripes, from offices to shipping warehouses and grocery stores, are investing in disinfecting technology as a crucial prong of workplace safety. Disinfecting robots come in various stripes, including floor mopping robots like those supported by automation firm Brain Corp. UV light has proven a favorite disinfecting tool among developers, which isn't surprising given how adaptable the technology is to existing automation platforms.

CES 2021: 5 robots for chores or that just need petting

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It's not really a CES without robots, even if this year's tech show is being held virtually. Here's how they will try to make your lives better.

CES 2021: The robots are still coming. These are some of the best ones on the way

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Even though the event is virtual, CES delivers no shortage of big screens or nifty gadgets. But let's be real: both of those are lame compared to the robots. Every year, tech lovers are wooed to CES by the prospects of a digital future inching closer towards that of The Jetsons: with cars taking to the skies and robots tending to our needs. We're still years away from the flying cars, but finding robots to help us with everyday chores, and maybe offer us a little companionship, might be closer than we think. Here's a peek at some of the robots at CES hoping to lend a metal hand. CES 2021:Hologram technology inspired by'Star Wars' could bring'new dimension' to smartphones Samsung trotted out not one, but two robots – and they're both absolutely adorable.

Columbia engineers built basic empathy into a robot


When it comes to imitating human emotion, robots have a long way to go, but researchers at Columbia Engineering's Creative Machines Lab have taken an initial step toward this goal. They designed a robot capable of predicting another robot's intent, essentially placing itself in the shoes (or the little plastic wheels) of the second machine. Here's how engineers designed the experiment: They placed one robot in a 3-foot by 2-foot playpen and programmed it to travel toward any green circle it could see projected on the floor. A large red box obscured the robot's view of some circles, meaning it didn't travel to these spots, even if they were physically closer than others. From above, the observer robot watched its buddy navigate the space for two hours and then began predicting its path.

What to expect at the first ever all-digital CES 2021

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New York (CNN Business)Disinfectant gadgets, next-generation fitness equipment and robots that help you cook dinner. Those are a few of the countless new products expected to be unveiled next week at the Consumer Electronics Show, the annual splashy tech conference that typically sets the tone for the biggest trends of the year. Home automation, health and 5G will once again be buzzy topics, but many companies will also introduce pandemic-specific features to reflect our increased time at home. Each year, reporters, exhibitors and investors typically explore Las Vegas showrooms filled with giant TVs, smart cars and robots fixing martinis, but CES will be online only for the first time in its 54-year history due to Covid-19. The Consumer Electronics Association, the nonprofit behind the four-day event starting Monday, said 1,800 exhibitors from around the world will fill its "digital venue" this year -- a number that's down significantly from 4,000 in-person exhibitors last year.

Art meets tech to mark first 100 years of the robot

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"Listen Josef," said the Czech playwright Karel Čapek to his brother. "I have an idea for a play." Josef, an artist of some renown, was painting furiously and unimpressed by his brother's intrusion. "What kind of play?" he asked, sharply. Karel set out the plot.