New Robot Can Solve a Rubik's Cube with Just One Hand Lwin Htut Kyaw Digital Creator Mandalay Myanmar


OpenAI has come up with a new robot capable of solving a Rubik's Cube with a single hand. The AI-based company trained neural networks in simulation using reinforcement learning to make this achievement possible. The company has been working on this project since May 2017 and has now achieved its goal marking this as a milestone towards its progress in the field of AI. The time taken by the robotic hand varies depending on how the cube is shuffled but on average, it takes about four minutes to solve the puzzle. However, it is worth noting that this is not the first-ever robot that managed to solve the Rubik's cube.

How These Self-Aware Robots Are Redefining Consciousness


What does it mean for a robot to be self-aware? That's exactly what this robotics lab is investigating as they embark on a quest towards artificial consciousness. We develop machines that can design and make other machines - automatically." The Challenge of Determining Whether an A.I. Is Sentient "It is not easy to determine when an organism is sentient, however. A brief recount of past and present controversies and mistakes makes it clear that human beings are not great at recognizing sentience."

The US Army Wants to Reinvent Tank Warfare with AI


Tank warfare isn't traditionally easy to predict. In July 1943, for instance, German military planners believed that their advance on the Russian city of Kursk would be over in ten days. In fact, that attempt lasted nearly two months and ultimately failed. Even the 2003 Battle of Baghdad, in which U.S. forces had air superiority, took a week. The U.S. Army has launched a new effort, dubbed Project Quarterback, to accelerate tank warfare by synchronizing battlefield data with the aid of artificial Intelligence.

15 Mind-Blowing Stats about Artificial Intelligence


Are you looking to incorporate AI tech in your existing business model or are you generally curious about this technology? In either case, there are some mind-boggling essential facts that you must know about AI. Starting with the basics, we are quickly briefing you about this technology. In the current industry scenario, some industry sectors are at the start of their AI journey, while others are veterans. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are now considered one of the significant innovations since the microchip.

Too-smart toilets and work-tracking shirts: Could this tech in Tokyo come to the U.S.?

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CHIBA, JAPAN--Technology has made its way into just about everything we have and everywhere we go, even the bathroom – and the bed, the work uniform, and many other unlikely places. No place is that clearer than in Japan at the CEATEC tech trade show just outside of Tokyo. You may not see all of these things in a store, home or office near you anytime soon – CEATEC's emphasis on research made it look a bit like a science fair compared to such larger gadget gatherings as CES in Las Vegas and IFA in Berlin. But Japan's longstanding status as a leading indicator of technology makes it likely that some of these things will wind up in your life. On this convention's first day, All Nippon Airways president and CEO Shinya Katanozaka talked up the airline's plans to let people skip flying by experiencing other places through robot avatars.

FarmWise Closes $14.5 Million In Funding To Build Autonomous Farming Robots


Agriculture company Wilbur Ellis, Xplorer Capital, and Alumni Ventures Group also joined the round. This round of funding will be used to grow the company's robotic engineering and operation teams as well as boost R&D efforts on plant-level detection and actuation capabilities. "Each day, one FarmWise robot can weed crops to feed a medium-sized city of approximately 400,000 inhabitants. We are now enhancing the scale and depth of our proprietary plant-detection technology to help growers with more of their processes and on more of their crops. Looking ahead, our robots will increasingly act as specialized doctors for crops, monitoring individual health and adjusting targeted interventions according to a crop's individual needs," said FarmWise co-founder and CEO Sébastien Boyer.

The Worlds That AI Might Create


How are experts looking at the same present and arriving at such different and contradictory futures? Here's a look at five scenarios, and the paths that getting there might take. As artificial intelligence becomes more powerful, a lot of current jobs are doomed to disappear. University of Oxford researchers in 2017 estimated that nearly half of all U.S. jobs were at risk from AI-powered automation. Other forecasts come up with different estimates, but by any measure, the number of lost jobs is potentially huge. Automation has already made manufacturing, mining, agriculture and many other industries much less labor-intensive. One study estimated that from 1993 to 2007, each industrial robot replaced 3.3 workers.

How Data Science, Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Is Boosting Online Diwali Sales - Analytics Jobs


With the festive time of the year, everyone is going crazy about the mind-blowing sales going on in Flipkart Big Billion Day and Amazon India Great India Festival Sale. Diwali is celebrated to mark the triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana or the triumph of good over evil. However, for businesses in India, Diwali is the go-to make money festival. It is known as the big Indian Festive Season with eye-popping deals on from apparel, add-ons, shoes, consumer electronics, home appliances, furniture and also traveling. But did we ever imagined, how these e-commerce companies have prepared for these big sale days or how their courier partners are ensuring that last-mile delivery to the customers?

Workers trust AI more than human managers


Artificial intelligence is changing how people perceive technology in the workplace, but it's also changing how people perceive each other, according to Oracle's new AI at Work study. Based on a poll of more than 8,000 employees, managers and HR leaders, the report says that the majority of people would trust a robot more than their manager. Indians would trust robots most, followed by the Chinese, Singaporeans and the Japanese. The Brits and the French are at the bottom of the list – roughly half of their workers would trust a robot. Most people believe robots would do a better job than their managers at providing unbiased information, maintaining work schedules, solving problems and maintaining a budget.

The Era of the Robot Nurse MedTech Intelligence


Healthcare and technology are two industries that have always gone hand in hand. Healthcare professionals are able to do their jobs more efficiently, effectively and safety thanks to innovations in medical technology. These days, one of the biggest emerging technology sectors in healthcare is something we've been imagining in science fiction for decades: The robot nurse. Though we're nowhere near the point of doctors and nurses being replaced by robots, these machines are now assisting nurses in managing their everyday tasks as aging populations in many countries put a strain on existing healthcare staffing. By 2021, the market is projected to hit $2.8 billion in revenue and shows every sign of growing even faster in the near future.