Top 12 AI and machine learning announcements at AWS re:Invent 2021


This week during its re:Invent 2021 conference in Las Vegas, Amazon announced a slew of new AI and machine learning products and updates across its Amazon Web Services (AWS) portfolio. Touching on DevOps, big data, and analytics, among the highlights were a call summarization feature for Amazon Lex and a capability in CodeGuru that helps detect secrets in source code. Amazon's continued embrace of AI comes as enterprises express a willingness to pilot automation technologies in transitioning their businesses online. Fifty-two percent of companies accelerated their AI adoption plans because of the COVID pandemic, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers study. Meanwhile, Harris Poll found that 55% of companies accelerated their AI strategy in 2020 and 67% expect to further accelerate their strategy in 2021.

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