StyleScan Raises $1 Million to Expand Its Virtual Dressing Technology


StyleScan, the developer of virtual-dressing technology for the fashion industry, announced that it raised an additional $1 million in funding, bringing its total seed-round capital to $3 million. StyleScan's leadership said that this financing is propelling the expansion of its e-commerce'software as a service' (SaaS) solutions including the launch of new AI-driven products in the coming months. "With everything going increasingly digital, including fashion, online retailers need to up their game and improve the customer experience," said StyleScan Founder and CEO Larissa Posner. "StyleScan helps them do that: Our newest SaaS plugin--ModelSwitch--empowers online shoppers. It allows them to preview garments on models with a wide range of body shapes, sizes and skin-tones. This makes fashion more relatable for everyone."

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