Walmart goes to the cloud to close gap with Amazon

Daily Mail

These facilities, which cost Walmart millions of dollars and took nearly five years to build, are starting to pay off. The retailer's online sales have been on a tear for the last three consecutive quarters, far outpacing wider industry growth levels. Powering that rise are thousands of proprietar...

Machine Learning with TensorFlow: Nishant Shukla: 9781617293870: Books


Provides a solid foundation for those with some but not necessarily extensive experience with machine learning and its vernacular. Gave me some solid ideas on how to move forward with tensorflow. It's not exhaustive but a terrific start and I would recommend supplementing with some more formula-heavy texts. Tbh, I would have given this 3.5-4 stars, but gave it 5 because I felt like the 1 star review was a bit unfair.

Amazon paid $90 million in deal for energy-efficient chips

Daily Mail Inc paid about $90 million to acquire the maker of Blink home security cameras late last year, in a secret bet on the startup's energy-efficient chips, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. The deal's rationale and price tag, previously unreported, underscore how Amazon aims to d...

Moody's: AI applications still distant


As artificial intelligence (AI) technology goes mainstream, its potential to reshape sectors remains years away, says Moody's Investors Service. AI is a broad concept covering many different applications and models. After decades of slow progress, AI technologies have advanced meaningfully in recent years on increases in computing power, large and growing datasets and improvements in underlying algorithms. From large multinationals to small startups, companies are investing heavily, and real-world applications are becoming mainstream. While there are many applications for AI, high tech and media, automotives, financial services and manufacturing are particularly intense users at this stage. Big tech firms have built a strong position. The largest technology firms such as Google parent Alphabet Inc, Inc and Microsoft Corporation account for a large share of the recent increase in AI investment, and have the potential to capture an outsized share of the value that AI will generate. Moody's said that while these firms' formidable financial resources enable them to develop new capabilities and applications through in-house R&D as well as acquisitions, they also have meaningful strength in collecting, analysing and, ultimately, "monetising" data, which will only be enhanced through AI. AI could change competitive dynamics in several sectors. Many of today's AI applications are focused on enhancing efficiency and profit margins through automating routine tasks, optimising R&D, reducing error rates or improving forecast accuracy. Players that provide value for customers can also increase revenues. According to Moody's, the firm-level impact of AI will depend on each competitor's strategic vision for best utilising the technology's capabilities and financial resources to invest in systems and people. It will likely be some time before the implications for competition within sectors become clear. AI could affect human resource allocation within firms and across countries. Some AI applications will likely displace some types of human labour, while necessitating skill retraining of significant segments of the labour force. Countries with lower-cost, skilled labour could lose their comparative advantage in manufacturing that can be facilitated by robotics.

Amazon Polly Gives WordPress a Voice! Amazon Web Services


Today AWS in partnership with WP Engine is announcing the release of an Amazon Polly plugin for WordPress. The sample plugin enables WordPress creators to easily add Text-to-Speech capabilities to written content. As voice interaction becomes more common, it's essential to provide your website's con...

Amazon Echo (2nd generation) -- Always ready, connected, and fast. Just ask.


So it's been an interesting first few weeks with the Echo and am happy to say Echo 2nd Gen has finally delivered on its promise of improved sound quality over 1st Gen Echo, with the 3rd firmware since launch. If you are confused about a lot of the negative reviews, old firmware is the likely cause of most of them regarding poor sound quality. Want to keep this short and spare all the gory details, but there was a bug in the launch version of the firmware, which was fixed after a few days, but the first fix, while satisfying some, was not, in my opinion a full fix and left the mid-range frequencies muted and tinny. Today I noticed that Alexa's voice in this unit sounded much more like Alexa's voice on Gen 1 Echo's I own and, after playing some music, suspected they had upgraded the firmware again, and indeed they have. The current firmware is 592452720 and it's a massive improvement over both the original and updated version 592452420.

Machine Learning: New and Collected Stories: Hugh Howey: 9781328767530: Books


I got completely lost in this book as hurricane Irma roared around my house in Miami. No really, it is that good. From start to finish the work is thought provoking, completely engrossing and yet fun and easy to read. The groupings of the stories into six sections (Aliens and Alien Worlds, Artificial Intelligences, Silo Stories, Fantasy, Algorithms of Love and Hate, Virtual Worlds, and Lost and Found) gives you an indication that this book covers and incredibly wide range of topics. So much of this is new ground and when Howey delves into trope themes (like alien invasions) the stories are completely fresh.