Kia AI tailors vehicle interiors to passengers' emotions


Kia is preparing for a future with autonomous cars and at CES it will be showing off its Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving System, or R.E.A.D. The company says its AI-based system can adapt vehicle interiors to a passenger's emotional state by using sensors to monitor their facial expressions, heart rate and electrodermal activity. Based on its readings, the R.E.A.D. System personalizes the cabin interior, taking into account all five senses. Part of the system also includes music-response vibration seats, which match seat vibrations to the frequencies of whatever music is being played in the cabin. The seats can also provide massages and haptic alerts connected to the vehicle's driver-assist system. Additionally, Kia will be revealing V-Touch -- gesture control technology that uses a 3D camera to track eye and finger motions and allows riders to manage in-car features like lighting, air-conditioning and entertainment systems without the use of physical buttons or touchscreens.

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