Building trust in AI: getting the wizard out from behind the curtain - Journey to AI Blog


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often regarded as “Great and Powerful;” it can add tremendous value by transforming business workflows with faster, smarter decisions. At the same time, AI can be mysterious and even scary. In order to build trust, AI needs to be transparent and explainable: “out from behind the curtain” so to speak. As IBM’s recent study on AI Ethics found, corporate boards are looking to Data and Technology leaders to make that happen, and I couldn’t agree more. CDOs and CTOs can be instrumental in bringing forth both human value and human values in enterprise AI. Putting the human first To build trust in business AI, we must always put the value of the human first. This should happen at the data-provider level and the decision-maker level. At the provider level, building trust starts with data governance to ensure that the data itself can be trusted. In our organization, embedded within this is the IBM…

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