Why are Artificial Intelligence systems biased? – IAM Network


A machine-learned AI system used to assess recidivism risks in Broward County, Fla., often gave higher risk scores to African Americans than to whites, even when the latter had criminal records. The popular sentence-completion facility in Google Mail was caught assuming that an "investor" must be a male.A celebrated natural language generator called GPT, with an uncanny ability to write polished-looking essays for any prompt, produced seemingly racist and sexist completions when given prompts about minorities. Amazon found, to its consternation, that an automated AI-based hiring system it built didn't seem to like female candidates.Commercial gender-recognition systems put out by industrial heavy-weights, including Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, have been shown to suffer from high misrecognition rates for people of color. Another commercial face-recognition technology that Amazon tried to sell to government agencies has been shown to have significantly higher error rates for minorities. And a popular selfie lens by Snapchat appears to "whiten" people's faces, apparently to make them more attractive.ADVERTISEMENTThese are not just academic curiosities.