Peter Navarro slams Federal Reserve: 'playing checkers in a chess world'

FOX News 

On Fox Nation's "Maria Bartiromo's Insiders", White House trade adviser Peter Navarro pointed the finger at the Federal Reserve amid concerns of a potential U.S. economic recession. "The problem here, the thing that worries me is that we've got a Federal Reserve playing checkers in a chess world," said Navarro. Despite signs of slowing U.S. job growth and global economic uncertainty, Navarro insists that the U.S. economy is "solid", and he blamed the U.S. central bank for failing to properly react to financial moves made by global actors. "In the world of central banking, the Federal Reserve has to pay very close attention to what the European Central Bank is doing and other central banks. If they lower, we have to lower otherwise we lose exports and we slow our growth," said Navarro, adding that the high cost of borrowing is damaging to the U.S. economy.

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