TP-Link adds an outdoor security camera to its Kasa Cam smart home lineup


Router and smart-home product manufacturer TP-Link announced two new products today: A weatherized outdoor home-security camera to go with the well-regarded indoor model that's already on the market, and a new Wi-Fi smart plug with dual outlets that can be controlled independently of each other. The Kasa Cam Outdoor ($139.99) is a ball-shaped Wi-Fi home security camera offering 1080p resolution and a 130-degree field of view that TP-Link says eliminates the need for pan/tilt features. Once its bracket is mounted to the wall, the camera body can be rotated inside the bracket's magnetic socket to provide the best coverage. The camera captures video in 1080p resolution and is outfitted with a mic and speaker for two-way conversations. The user can also trigger an onboard siren (rated 80db at one meter) from the Kasa app to intimidate unwanted visitors.

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